Google job search feature exclusively for India. Get customized job search results easily

Google keeps on introducing country-centric services and also keep on customizing the services for different countries from time to time. In the last few months, Google introduced a number of apps and services for India like the Google Tez, for money transfer, and has also customized numerous services like Google Maps, exclusively for use in India. To keep the trend going, Google has introduced a new feature called Google Job search, which will help the users to search for jobs in the most convenient way. Google has been trying to roll out almost all kinds of features for Indian users, and the introduction of this feature will surely be appreciated, and I am sure about it.

Google has recently tied up with a number of jobs providing platforms like,, LinkedIn and many others to roll out this feature. Searching for a job is as simple as searching for your favorite things on the web. Just search for something, and add the keyword ‘jobs’, at the end of it to find the most relevant job search results for that keyword.

The jobs will be shown to you, depending upon your location, and you can filter the job search results or narrow the search down, by days ago it was posted, job type, location, part time or full time, company type, and many others in the Google Search engine. There is also an option to turn on desktop and email notifications for your relevant job searches, which is another great thing.

google job search

In order to apply for the job, the user will have to visit the website of the job provider, which can be accessed through the option, which says ‘Apply’. The option can vary, be depending upon, which website has posted the job. In order to apply for a job, on a partner website, the user should have an account on that website. Google will just act as a hub, where the user can get links and the criteria for applying in different kinds of jobs.

In order to make the service more versatile, Google job search India has also released a documentation, which can bring all the small and large employers under a single umbrella, to make the service even better and fruitful for those, who actually need it.

The feature is not limited to the Google website, as you can even avail the service on your Android and iOS device, with or without the Google app on it. The service is still at its initial stage, and will surely improve with time, just like other Google products and services.

I just wish, there is an option to upload the details, and the CV on Google, which can eventually be seen by the partner websites to provide matching job results for a particular user. This feature can also be available in future, on the platform, but it is a matter of time. What you think about this feature of Google job search, for India! Let me know about it, in the comment section below.