GTA 6 Latest Leaks, Map, Characters, Missions, Launch Date Rumors

GTA 6 is one of the most anticipated games for the next-gen consoles just like Cyberpunk 2077. It is going to be the next biggest thing from Rockstar Studios and the project is already on its later production stage. As the gaming market is facing a huge competition right now, so Rockstar is surely going to all the best they can to make their Grand theft Auto franchises the most successful again. Almost no gamer in the world is not a GTA fan, so the market is also very huge for Rockstar Games.

We know the last installment in the GTA franchises came out in 2013, and the GTA V has been one of the most played games around the world since then. The game received more attention and a huge number of increases in players when the GTA 5 RP server got introduced. Since 2014 Rockstar is working on their next sequel on the GTA franchise, but even in 2020 the there is no confirmed date of release of GTA 6. While back in 2015 the GTA 6 production started, many fans thought the sequel would hit the market within the next 2-3 years, which did not happen. So, we can anticipate that Rockstar is waiting for the arrival of next-gen consoles so that they make the use of new powerful technology to optimize their game in a way so that it provides the best possible visual experience.

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What we know about GTA 6 Leaks

According to some official sources from ResetEra, and some legit Reddit post threads, GTA 6 is going to feature multiple big cities, unlike the predecessors. As the recent technology upgrade in the relative field most of the enthusiast gamers are using RTX GPU, or RX 5000 series GPU in their PC with CPU like Ryzen and i5 or i7. So the gaming PCs now are pretty powerful to handle a huge game with almost 100 times more rendering pressure. The next-gen consoles are also going to be tightly packed mini supercomputers as per the publishers. So Rockstar is using the tech advancement and putting the hardware to the test by developing a map so vast that it would feature around 4-5 cities among which 2 would be big. As we know GTA has already featured London, Anywhere City, Liberty City, Vice City, San Andreas, Los Santos, San Fierro & Las Venturas at the previous games and expansion titles. But, there are lots of more cities available in the Grand Theft Auto Universe which are still not featured in any of the GTA titles.

  • Reportedly GTA 6 is going to feature “Vice City” as a city in-game again, so that is going to be interesting, as for many old GTA players lots of nostalgia is attached to that. Also, it would be nice to see, how much the city and its visuals got upgraded by the devs.
  • There is a confirmed update about the GTA 6 Project’s production name, which is PROJECT AMERICAS. The name itself also suggests that the game is going to feature multiple locations and cities within the game. Also, we may end up playing with multiple characters just like we did have played at GTA 5.
  • According to some Reddit posts and, the GTA 6 is going to feature a fictional city based on Rio Di Janeiro along with the legacy Vice City itself. Some missions are also going to be featured in Liberty City but it would be closed mission type location with not an open-world scenario (just like Ludendorff in GTA 5).
  • GTA 6 would feature many arcade-type missions, which they used to feature in all of their games, so dot expect a realistic game like Red Dead Redemption.
  • According to the sources, the game timeline is set somewhere between the 1970-1980s. So, you can expect cities from that time along with the technology from the 70s and 80s. So, the game won’t be featuring a smartphone or mobile phone like GTA 5 and GTA 4.
  • GTA 6 is going to feature a single protagonist, male, though there are some speculations about a female protagonist in development.
  • The player would play as a drug lord-wannabe named “Ricardo”. There is another character called “Kacey” is a part of the narrative. Though according to some sources, there would be an option for the players, where they can play as Kacey where Ricardo would be a supportive narrative character, probably this is just a rumor. Reportedly the story is inspired by the story of Netflix’s NARCOS.
  • The story is going to set the protagonist as a drug runner doing the runs of a cocaine smuggler from Vice City to the new largely South American districts, afterwards he made would face some connection with big-time drug lords and would end up doing business in many cities, and here comes the concept of featuring multiple cities in the game. The story building is going to be quite like GTA Vice City, but in a bigger and in a more detailed way.
  • There is going to be Prison as an important location, which has some part to play in the main story.
  • The game would present the story like a novel in a chapter-wise way, just like RDR 2.
  • As the next-gen graphics is the main focus of GTA 6, so visual effects are going to be one of the most important things to notice, including a Flood and a Hurricane,  about to feature in the game.
  • Buying weapons and cars are going to be difficult due to tight economic control of the game. Though many old classic cars and classic weapons like Tommy guns would be in the game.
  • Weapons can be carried on a person only, so no hidden weapon or weapon in the back pocket. Hence, you can expect that you would be able to carry 2-3 weapons at most, just like Red Dead Redemption 2.
  • The game is going to be lengthy, and it would feature around 70-80 soundtracks. The game would discuss many topics related to the regions like HIV, immigration crisis, Cuban Crisis, Fidel Castro, etc.
  • The personal car will be a very important part of gear for the player, as the player can store the armor’s weapon and ammunition in the car and can drive it around, much like the Horse in RDR 2.
  • There are going to be lots of story narration pats and hence you may have to read subtitles like Witcher 3 or Max Payne 3. Even at the South American districts, people won’t talk in English, subtitles would be needed just like you did in the Narcos series itself, haha….
  • The game is not going to cover the present gen consoles, the PS4 and Xbox One. And will be featured on PS5 and Xbox Series X only.

All the above details are leaked through some Reddit Posts and by ResetEra posts. But other info is brought forward by the, here are the leaks according to Frieden.

  • The game is going to be set in modern-day Liberty City.
  • There would be four main protagonists, two Police officers, and Two Gangsters.
  • The story would start from a scene where Police officers are trying to crack down on a gang/drug ring based around a nightclub. Then a plot twist would take the story to the upstate New York.
  • The game is going to feature loads of dialogue and narrative parts, probably twice than the GTA 5. Also, the story is going to feature multiple crazy plot twists.

The expected Launch date of GTA 6

None of the leaks say anything about specific launch dates. Some Reddit posts say the launch would take place on holiday, 2021. But according to most of the sources, the launch would take place in 2023, just after a decade of GTA 5 launch.

Wrapping Up

I have listed all the details collected from various sources about anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6. Most of the information is based on various official and unofficial sources so reality may differ from the provided info in this article. Also, the game is still under development, and it is not getting launch soon, so the story or many other things around the game change with time, if the devs decide to so. I’ll keep posting more the topic as soon as I get any other latest update, till then bye folks.