How FIFA 22 feature update will change football gaming experience

To be honest, a couple of last editions of FIFA games disappointed many gamers in terms of overall gameplay, and the updates did not prove that good to elevate the fun. Some missing elements prevented us to see its full potential.

But this year EA Sports is most likely to address those technical errors and will present us the all-new next-gen FIFA 22 game. From the releases of the reveal trailer and gameplay trailer, we can expect a very smart and advanced game for the gaming world.

With the new toys like Xbox Series X or S and Playstation 5, the company can go for very high-tech updates that would give it a very realistic nature while playing. The HyperMotion tech, which will be used in the game, is only available on those next-gen consoles. But you can still expect many updates on the previous consoles you own.

Only for the PC gamers, it will be not that good because the PC version will be pretty much the same as FIFA 21 because of some technical limitations.

The game will be releasing on the 1st October of 2021 and here are some of the new updates you would get with the game upon release.

FIFA 22 with feature update min

The implementation of HyperMotion Technology

This time FIFA 22 did not motion-captured three people in a big room to create the animation gameplay. Instead, they motion-captured two teams playing on an actual full-sized ground for animation gameplay by using the HyperMotion Technology. So, they captured loads of animation to add to the game which was not available in the previous version.

This will help them to create a convincing realistic ambiance in any aspect of the game when you play it. Running and controlling the game will be livelier.

AI is here to assist tactically

The AI will help a player a lot during the game and act very quickly with accuracy according to the game situation at a particular moment. The players on the pitch now can react with the AI inclusion and they will be able to make any decision six times more per second from the previous game.

It would be very rare to point out any dull or unnecessary movement in the game as a proper movement should be the main attraction as like a real game of football.

Key notable gameplay updates to get from the game

  • Jumping up in the air for winning the ball will be more fun as the new technology helped to capture frames from real aerial duels on the actual pitch. So, the players will act very much real while heading the ball with more accuracy. To clear any possible threat or to score any goal chance header can be more challenging and competitive for this update.
  • Ball control is a major thing that every FIFA player seeks in any match or version of the game. Because if you cannot control the ball, you certainly will struggle to play and enjoy a match the way you should be. That is why in FIFA 22 the ball control will be more composed and better. Players would enjoy this at any part of the ground whether for attacking or guarding the ball in the game.
  • The Player’s reaction will be more alive and on point from now on. The motion capture like this in the game allowed them to develop the characters more like humans. Now they can act in regards to the moment like directing to pass the ball, talking with a teammate or confronting the opponent, etc. In short, they will react like humans in the game during any event.
  • We all suffered many times in the past controlling the pace of a player when we needed a quick acceleration or a change of pace. The full-on sprinting was the main option to attach or defense. But, in the upcoming installment, you can control the sprint at any moment with the feature of Explosive sprint. The quick acceleration of sprint will be there to speed up suddenly for better challenges.
  • The days of unrealistic moves of the ball are gone. FIFA 22 did not ignore the true ball physics as they tried to implement the realistic nature of the ball with some real data to tune the whole thing. They tuned it very well for a realistic feel while passing or clearing or dribbling the ball. And friction the ground or air drag will be there.
  • When it will come to a goalkeeper stopping a shot to deny a goal you will notice a huge improvement in the goalkeeper section. An update like Goalkeeper re-write would make it possible to give all the goalkeeping attributes among the keepers according to the actual nature of any individual keeper. The rich personality-filled keepers will play more efficiently and will be well-positioned to save goals. It will be tougher to score goals if you face any top keeper.
  • Apart from that updates, there will be lots of new options for skill moves which you can do when you play a match. The dribbling will be more fun than ever as the options from FIFA are huge this time. The addition of new skill moves is one of the key elements to give the game a new height.

More detailed match analysis with stats

The information of any match will be more detailed with stats to understand the playing quality of any game in FIFA 22. Team stats, individual stats all are included in this update. Along with them the detailed shot chart, heat map, or pass map will be there for clarity.

With all these new next-gen updates and one of the main attractions in FIFA 22 will be the Ultimate Team and Career mode it looks like a big deal this year. And FIFA Volta certainly will not be excluded from this game as the mode will be filled with new features according to the official site of EA.

And also the new attacking tactics would be very handy to use before starting or during the match. You can set up a defensive tactic or an attacking one depending on your playing style and opponent. The defensive line-up can be commanded to stay deep for better defense and vice versa.

To add more fun, FIFA 22 included the pre-match and post-match scenes like water sprinkle, warm-up, mascot, dressing room scenes, post-match celebration, etc.

All n all it should be a big hit among the fans of FIFA because of the attention to detail in both gameplay and overview by EA. But, we need to wait for a little more than 2 months to know the actual result of it. I hope it does not disappoint this time.