Instagram Has Initiated a Test to Adapt a New Feature “Collab” in India and UK

Instagram New Feature Collab min

Instagram announced that it is already in a testing process of a new feature called “Collab”. This feature will help the user to invite a collaborator, who will be authorized to post and share the user’s content, a news feed, and reels with his friends and followers.

The good thing about this “Collab” feature is that when the collaborator shares the user’s Instagram reels or feed posts, he too will be simultaneously visible with the user, with his full profile and whatever feedback, responses or comments will come, both of them can see it.

Instagram is working on this “Collab” feature presently only in India and UK, and testing it with a very small percentage of this social platform users.

“Collab” Feature: The Way It Works

  • Users who want to benefit from this “Collab” feature, firstly, need to create a feed post or a reel as per their wish or requirement and then upload it.
  • At the bottom of the posting page, an option will be available to click on ‘Tag people’ and then after clicking on that, there will be an option to click on ‘Invite Collaborator’.
  • In this manner, the user can add ‘Collaborator’ provided they accept the invite.
  • Once the user gets a ‘Collaborator’ then they will not only be added to the tag screen but also noted in the user’s post.

This “Collab” feature is a wonderful and new move, that aims to encourage and support content creators, creative minds, and influencers to increase their popularity, sustainability, and stability on the Instagram platform. As this “Collab” feature is in a test stage, it will only be available within a small sample group of people.