Industrial IoT startup SYOOK raises an undisclosed amount from IP Ventures

Press release: Syook, an Industrial IOT platform founded in 2016 by IIT and Schlumberger alumni Arjun Nagarajan, Saurabh Sharma and Aman Agarwal has raised an undisclosed sum from IP Ventures. Syook uses its proprietary IOT platform to provide micro-location for people and other critical assets to industry sectors such as manufacturing, automobile, healthcare, education and defence. Their RTLS (Real Time Location System) empowers organizations to improve safety, productivity, compliance and asset utilization.

Syook plans to use the funds to ramp up its sales and operations in India, and also expand to the Middle-East and South-East Asian markets.

Arjun Nagarajan, Co-founder of Syook, said “We’re really excited to partner with IPV as we continue to make inroads into digital operations management with our full stack Industrial IoT product, Syook InSite. We believe that their extensive networks will provide us with the right leverage, catapulting us to a leadership position in the ongoing Industry 4.0

The RTLS market is currently worth about $1.9 billion and is expected to be worth about $10.1 billion by 2025 with a CAGR of about 25%.

Commenting on the investment, Aman Agarwal CTO of Syook said, “We are building a modular, scalable and robust product that gives organizations visibility in their operations. The system is highly configurable and caters to a number of use cases. We use Machine learning to give our customers a competitive advantage when it comes to optimizing operations.”

Mr. Pramod Gupta, an active angel investor at IPV said, “Syook helps organizations enhance the safety of their people and productivity of their assets by enabling real-time indoor location. Their proprietary technology not only enables location where traditional positioning systems like GPS don’t work; but also helps with notifications, analytics, task monitoring and emergency response. I see a huge market for this in manufacturing and supply chain management, not just in India but globally.”

Industrial IoT startup SYOOK raises an undisclosed amount from IP Ventures

About Syook

Syook is a B2B Industrial IoT startup founded in 2016. The founders of Syook have had extensive experience with managing operations in different parts of the world. Syook was founded with the vision to make operations simpler and easier by enhancing visibility.

About IP Ventures

IP Ventures is a sub-initiative of CXO Genie. It was founded in 2017 by CFOs / finance professionals who come from the start-up ecosystem, either as co-founders or by leading their organizations through various stages of funding.