Mozilla revealed new plans for a premium subscription to Firefox

Mozilla to rebalance its revenue sources has planned to offer premium subscription services to Firefox. While confabulating with T3n, a German Magazine, Mozilla’s CEO Chris Beard mentioned, we are working on three sources of income one is through Search apart from that we have a company called Pocket, which discovers and curates content. There is also sponsored content. And the third one on which we are currently working is to develop some a premium subscription model.

Some initial details about new features for the Firefox web browser as per the Chris: it could include secure storage solution (unspecified) and other security features such as a VPN service, which, for example, if a user wants to perform some online transaction on public wifi, he doesn’t need to use some third-party VPN services. We would offer that in FireFox, of course, a certain amount of bandwidth usage on VPN will be free and after that, the user has to pay for it.

Mozilla’s CEO underlined that Mozilla is not pursuing the plan to demand money for functions that are currently available free of charge. If you have decided to be on a subscription model then there should be more premium offers.

The rollout of first Mozilla’s subscription plan is likely to be in October 2019. However, the premium plans prices and their kinds are yet haven’t public but soon as the company roped all services and partners…

Source: T3N