iPhone XS Max GeekBench score disgraced Samsung S9+ or Snapdragon 845

Recently, the Apple has introduced the three models of their flagship smartphone: iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. All three new models were equipped with Apple A12 bionic chips. And soon as the media houses got the chance to run the benchmarks on them, it revealed the performance level of Bionic A12 chip can provide.

The  LetsGoDigital released the GeekBench scores after running the benchmark on iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR.

The below-given screenshots reveal the iPhone XS Max has a single-core score of 4813, a multi-core score of 10266 and iPhone XR single-core score of 4754, and a multi-core score of 9367.

iphone XR beat samsung snapdragon Geek bench score

iphone XS beat snapdragon 845 Geek bench score

iphone XS MAX beaten the Snapdragon 845

To Compare with the Snapdragon 845, they took the Samsung Galaxy S9+ as an example, its single-core score is 2386, and the multi-core score is 8828. The single-core score is quite different from the Apple A12 bionic chip.

Both the Apple’s iPhone XS and XR are integrated with the Apple A12 biomimetic chip. It is a 7nm process that according to the Apple can increase the graphics processing speed up to 50%, saves the battery energy up to 45 to 50%, and also has Apple’s next-generation neural network engine to deliver outstanding performance. The augmented reality effect and the beautiful portrait photos with mental control make the experience of all aspects fast and smooth.

In addition, GeekBench shows that iPhone XS Max is equipped with 4GB of memory, which is currently the largest iPhone device, while iPhone XR is equipped with 3GB of memory, consistent with iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus.

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