Is APEX Legends Mobile going to be Released on 2020 or Not?

Electronic Arts’ APEX Legends experienced the highest amount of the first-day download among all other games till date. Apex Legends had been an extremely anticipated game since the first trailer release. Though a month after the launch the experienced a huge downfall in the number of players, due to the pre-existed hard competitions against the Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite Battle Royal. The Battle Royal gaming genre got a new height and a new taste due to the Apex Legends for sure, but since the mid of the first season to the end of second season Apex Legends experienced a decreasing number in the player base around the world. However, the story has been changed since the launch of Season 3, as the player counts started increasing since then. Now Apex Legends is of course a worthy competitor to the other giants in the BR gaming industry which are PUBG, Fortnite, and COD Warzone, and simply one can say that Apex Legend is a very successful game now. Apex Legends is a sure success from Electronic Arts, in terms of both the number of players and the viewership.

Since the beginning of 2020, we have been hearing about many rumors on Apex Legends Mobile release, Steam release, Nintendo release, and even cross-play support features; and in this article, we are going to discuss the up to date scenario over those releases.

Apex Legends Steam Release

On June 18, 2020, on EA Play the developers (Respawn Entertainment) and the brand manager of Apes Legend confirmed the rumors about the Steam Release and the Nintendo Release. Though any date has not been confirmed yet, the developers assured that Apex Legends would be available in the Steam Library s a Free to Play shortly in the coming months, so we can expect the game to be on the Steam Library within next 2-3 months. As EA Origin server service is not optimal at all the regions around the world, so many players would be benefited from the Steam release due to the stability of Steam Server’s services around all the regions.

Apex Legends Nintendo Release

Apex Legends Nintendo release have been also confirmed on 18th June 2020 by the developer at EA Play, and this news brought joy to the million Nintendo players. After Fortnite, Apex Legends is going to be the second mainstream Battle Royal game for Nintendo Switch, as PUBG or Warzone has no Nintendo versions.

Though this has not been confirmed that in Nintendo Apex Legends is going to be a paid game or not. However, the chances are there the Apex Legends would be a free game on Nintendo as well as on other platforms. As we already know, that Apex Legends is going through a very good time, and having a very good number of serious and regular players on the PC platform and even on consoles.

So, having a Nintendo Switch version released, the player base is going to increase even more, for sure. Many Nintendo Switch users are excited and eagerly waiting for the launch, but according to official tweets of Respawn Entertainment two days ago, they are facing troubles to make the game work flawlessly, in such unorthodox console. But, the developers have confirmed the Nintendo Switch version is going to be released very soon, and so we can be sure that the Nintendo Version of Apex is going to hit the market before the end of 2020.

Apex Legends Crossplay Support

Respawn Entertainment has been working for the past couple of months to make Apex Legends a Crossplay supported game. In the last media conference of June 2020, the developers announced that they are going to launch the Crossplay Support feature shortly within the coming months.

Therefore, it is confirmed that the Crossplay Support feature is coming to Apex Legends and that also within 2020, but the question remains about the nature of the Crossplay features.

As most of the games put either the Xbox and PC players or the PS4 and PC players in the same lobby. So, is Apex Legends going to follow the same tradition or they are going to feature a common Lobby for all the Xbox One, PS4, and PC players?

Also while the Apex Legends Nintendo Switch version is about to launch, so are the developers planning on including Nintendo to the crossplay support or not?

One thing I can tell you, if the developers manage to make Apex Legends a true Crossplay Supported game, where PC, Xbox, PS4, and Nintendo players can create party altogether and can play in the same lobby, then the game is going to become truly a legendary game. F so then Apex Legends would become the first of its kind and also it will become a unique game for all the players in all the major platforms around the world.

Apex Legends Mobile Latest Update

In my other article on Apex Legends Mobile release, I have informed that the game is still going through it’s an early development stage, and the game is going to be released by Jan-Feb, 2021. According to the updates which are coming through various sources and discussion threads, my statement is proving to be true.

In the last EA Play conference on 18th June 2020, the developers did not utter any word on this matter, as they did not even confirm any details over the advancement in the project. SO, there is actually no official update on this matter, but we have loads of rumors and speculations on the internet.

According to most of the rumors, the Apex Legends Mobile launch may happen by the Q1, 2021, let’s cross our fingers till then. One thing we can expect, if Apex Legends Mobile happens for real and the game proves itself to be up to the mark, then it would become the main competitor of the PUBG Mobile Battle Royal, and I am curious to see such duel as PUBG Mobile have dominated the market for long enough.

Wrapping Up

The updates are based on the press conference news, and on various threads and posts on Twitter and Reddit. Though most of the updates are official this time hence true for sure apart from the Apex Legends Mobile Updates. So stay tuned for fresh and confirmed updates.