Top Upcoming Games for Nintendo Switch in 2020 (From Electronics Arts)

Since the launch of the Nintendo Switch, the popularity of Nintendo has increased a lot, and the units sold per month is also increasing at a rapid rate. Even in the South-Asian countries like India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippians, Thailand, the no. of Nintendo sell is increasing at a decent rate. Nintendo is a good choice for a portable console for kids and teenagers. Nintendo is specifically loved by those people who love gaming on the go but do not prefer the Mobile Games or hate using Mobile for regular gaming. Nintendo also features many games which are considered as a mainstream game on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. Though till date, the number of mainstream games getting launched for Nintendo Switch is relatively small and many of the Nintendo users do complain about this fact regularly on various discussion threads.

According to various media presentation and many news related websites, there are bunch of games which are going to be launched on Nintendo Switch by 2020-21. In this article, I am going to inform you about the top confirmed games that are going to be released on Nintendo Switch by the end of 2020. So do not be over-excited and get ready to roll.

News Confirmation

On the Media Presentation of EA Play on 18th June 2020, the Respawn Entertainment’s Social Media boss Alex Ackerman said “You can expect seven new games coming to Switch from Electronics Arts in the next twelve months.”

As we already know this for sure that Burnout Paradise City is getting launched on Nintendo Switched, as the trailer has already been released on YouTube. The developers also have confirmed the Apex Legends launch on Nintendo Switch as well. Apart from these two games, Alex Ackerman included that the FIFA 21 and Lost in Random are going to be launched in Nintendo Switched. As we know FIFA gets its new installments every year on September, 3rd week so we already have a timeline for that release as well.

The other games are reportedly Need For Speed – Hot Pursuit as the game is being remastered for Nintendo and Plants vs Zombies – Battle for Neighborville, which released last year on PC, Xbox, and PS4.

List of Confirmed Games

  1. Apex Legends – A very popular fast-paced Battle Royal game with upcoming Crossplay support.
  2. FIFA 2021 – The latest installment of the most popular sports video game from EA Sports.
  3. Burnout Paradise City Remastered – A popular Fun-Racing-Adventure game made for everyone.
  4. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered – One of the most beloved Racing game classic ever, and due to Nintendo being a hand-held device, this is going to be an immersive experience.
  5. Lost in Random – A new upcoming game from EA designed for Nintendo Switch.
  6. Plants vs Zombies Battle for Neighborville – A decent 3D PvZ game, which is a perfect type of game for Nintendo type mobile hand-held devices.

Wrapping Up

As we can see Electronics Arts is putting much focus and effort into the Nintendo Gaming projects, so many fans are expecting many other games for Nintendo Switch out of the box. In various threads, people are even discussing how it will be if Star Wars Jedi – Fallen Order or Titanfall 2 got released on Nintendo too. I would say for myself, though I am not a Nintendo user, I would love to see a portable hand-held console becoming a mainstream Gaming Console. Also, I would prefer using such devices instead of Mobile Phones for regular on the go gaming. It would be nice if other developers and studios start working on the Nintendo games to make it a library rich console.