Electronics Arts “Apex Legends” game is coming to Smartphones

The news has been aired all the way among the mobile game lovers that the PC title from Electronics Arts “Apex Legends” is coming to Mobile now. The game will be supported in both the Android and iOS mobile platforms. At PC platform the game is having its 4th season going on right now and the updates and rumours are stating that the Mobile version would be released by the end of this season or with the start of the next season.

For those who do not know, Apex Legends is also a Battle Royale game like PUBG, but it features different gameplay aesthetics and a 60-player match. Apex Legends consists of three-game mode i.e. Solo, Duos and 3-man squad.

Electronics Arts Apex Legends game is coming to Smartphones

Why Apex is coming to Mobile platform?

If you are aware of the gaming trend since 2018, mobile games have become a mainstream gaming platform in various regions around the world. Many of the AAA publishers are pushing their titles from PC towards the Mobile platform so that they can grab a larger market. Therefore, while in case of EA was quite step backwards in this lineup, it is no surprise why they, at last, took a stand to explore the mobile gaming market in full scale.

Main Competitors

From the very first day Apex Legends Mobile has to compete with the PUBG Mobile and Fortnite Mobile and all the players would start comparing this game in between head to head, so there is going to be no easy success for Apex Legends Mobile, instead, it has to prove itself in quality and needs to do some unique marketing to fetch player counts from the PUBG Mobile and Fortnite Mobile community.

It will join a heated contest with PUBG Mobile and Fortnite, who are already established on the platform. Though PUBG Mobile is available for all the Android and iOS devices, Fortnite is not like that, as Fortnite is available in all iOS and some selected Android devices. So, the main competition is going to be PUBG Mobile. One more thing is you can not play Fortnite Mobile in pc via using an Emulator, but PUBG Mobile Emulator market is so huge that it is even bigger than the PUBG PC market, and the Apex Legends Mobile is going to be emulator supported, so yes again the main competition here is the PUBG Mobile.

The News looming around

According to EA’s official news, they confirmed the existence of the game so it is no fake nuisance at all about Apex Legends Mobile. The time of the release has not been confirmed yet, but EA said that Apex Legends Mobile would be coming up with the upcoming seasons of Apex Legends PC at 2020. So, we can expect the release to take place with the end of Season 4 or start with the Season 5. There is one more thing to wait for, and that is E3 conference, where EA may announce the exact date of the product launch with some gameplay video showcasing. However, there are a lot more speculations are going around, and according to some of them, the game release could happen even before the E3 2020 date, which is going to take place from 9th June 2020 to 11th June 2020.

Other Updates about Apex Legends Mobile

  • The Apex Legends Mobile project was officially announced by Andrew Wilson, EA’s CEO, at a financial briefing.
  • EA is not developing the mobile edition by their own, but they are collaborating with a Chinese partner, who is none other than Tencent Gaming. So, Tencent Gaming would be developing the game and even be marketing the game worldwide likewise they did with PUBG Mobile. EA would be having their cut on the revenue according to their agreements and contracts.
  • Though Apex Legends was not as successful as it was expected to be on PC, the developers are expecting that Apex Legends may become the hardest competitor against PUBG Mobile and can become a Fortnite Mobile killer. Apex Legends Mobile even may feature one or two other features apart from the PC version also.
  • The game is expected to be released within the EA’s fiscal year 2021, which starts in October 2020. So, yes though all those speculations there is a small chance of having the release before October, as the announcement of Apex Mobile in the financial briefing was meant for the next year. So, wait for the E3 for more concrete News confirmations.
  • There is another speculation that the game could hit the market at the date of the second anniversary of the Apex Legends which falls on 4th Feb 2021, so fingers are crossed.
  • Though the game release is not going to be soon enough, the beta version may come up even a couple of months earlier like happened with PUBG PC Lite.


Why EA is working with Tencent?

  • As Tencent is now the world leader in both development and marketing of Mobile Games, so it is no wonder EA would go to the best choice with their masterpiece.
  • Secondly, EA has already worked with Tencent before in projects of FIFA Online 4 and Need for Speed Online, so they have a quite present history.
  • The third point is, Tencent can make this game to be running on their official Android Gaming Emulator called GameLoop (formerly known as Tencent Gaming Buddy), which will let Tencent explore even a bigger market in India, China, UAE, and Southeast Asia as their enormous amount of PUBG Mobile Emulator player are present.