Japan declares first ever prison sentence in domestic malware mining case

According to the Japanese local media ” kahoku”, reported that Japan had just sentenced the country – perhaps the world first case of malicious exploitation of other people’s computers.

The Sendai District Court sentenced the perpetrator  Yasuda Masahiro (24), an unemployed in Kusinida, who implanted a mining code into a game cheat software and hanged it on his blog for downloading. People will dig mines for Yasuda without their knowledge.

Sendai District Court

As of the time of the seizure, the software has downloaded a total of 90 times, and Yasuda had a profit of 5,000 yen (around $ 45).

The court sentenced Yasuda Yasuda to one-year imprisonment and suspended for three years. Judge Ryo Kato said, “A successful criminal exploit of the defendant’s programming technology, created the root of the harm that compromises the trust in personal computer programs.”

Source Japnese media kahoku