LG X-Boom Handy Splash Speaker at ₹ 19,990; Carry Your Music luggage

Summers are here and so is the holiday season. While we are all excited to pack our bags, and take that much-awaited break from the daily monotony of work or study, there is one speaker which will set party mood for every traveler, anytime, anywhere. LG is all set to bring its latest range of speakers called the X-Boom Handy Splash for the music lovers on the go. LG knows that no party is complete without good music and dance, and at the same time the toughness and reliability of the musical gadget is what matters the most while on outdoors or on a holiday. This is a blend of premium Aesthetics and good Sound.

LG X-Boom Handy Splash Speaker

Here are some features of this traveling music partner :

Splash Proof – As the name suggests the X Boom “Handy Splash” is a Splash Proof speaker equipped with (IPX4) Tech that ensures you listening to music nearby the poolside or outdoor, without having to worry about it getting damaged. A pool party with your friends or a wedding saga by the beach is surely going to be doubly fun with this new range.

Grab and Go – Every traveler’s delight is to be able to break free from the clutter of carrying heavy stuff. X Boom Handy Splash comes from the X Boom Handy speaker family, which has a built-in stylish telescoping handle and recessed wheels which makes it one of the most appealing portable speakers around. The speaker is ideal ‘Grab and Go’ type, which helps you to carry your party wherever you go.

Long Lasting Battery – To make sure the party doesn’t stop while away from home, the X-Boom Handy Splash comes with a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts up to 13 hours claimed by the LG. It lets you continue with your outdoor parties without worrying about your phones’ battery as the same can be used for charging your phone.

Wireless Connectivity – Another fun feature of this speaker is that it has Multi-Bluetooth connectivity that allows users to connect up to 02 Bluetooth devices simultaneously and allow you to switch between them without the hassle.

Karaoke Star- Live singing is a key to every party; with “Handy Splash” it is so easy to sing on streaming music from the phone, Karaoke App or YouTube, and Echo control add melody to your Voice while singing.

Vocal Effect- With almost 18 Vocal effects to play with, your party will become more fun when you will take control of your voice with a voice makeover. Users get to play around with exciting 18 effects which double the fun at every party. To get party attention, users can try Bass, Soprano, Helium, Robot, Duet Man and Duet Woman

Bluetooth Standby- You can wake up your product on demand with Phone, make your product “ON” through your mobile phone and start playing music.

The speakers also come with a Mic-in, USB, FM and Portable In features, to become the life of every party.

The price of X-Boom Handy Splash is set to ₹ 19,990 in India.

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