Mahindra Electric e2oPlus Gots a New Virtual Reality Test drive experience in India

Mahindra one of the pioneer in the development of electric vehicles (EVs) in India recently announced a Virtual reality-based drive experience for its e2oPlus. The e20Plus is an all-electric vehicle and to make it smart the Mahindra has taken this initiative.

Basically, the Mahindra has launched an app Mahindra e2o Plus VR which is available for both Android and iOS users. The motive of this app is to stimulate the real test drive experience using the Virtual reality.

A demo video of Mahindra e20 Plus VR in 2D plain


360-degree demo video

To experience this virtual reality test drive through VR headset the user need to install the app on their smartphones. During the Virtual drive, it will take you through the technical features and focuses on the key attributes of the e2oPlus.

As per the company, the main objective of such initiative is to provide an immersive experience of one innovative technology using the other.  The campaign aims to expand the base of people who can experience electric mobility first hand, as well as delivering an advanced test drive experience to enable the faster adoption of EVs.

According to Mahesh Babu, CEO Mahindra Electric, “ The launch of this Virtual Reality based drive experience for the e2oPlus, is to deliver the electric mobility experience to a much wider audience while staying true to the technologically advanced nature of the product.”


If you have VR headsets you can download the Mahindra e2o Plus VR for Android and iOS.

Google Play Store 

Apple Store