The Next-Gen Apple Vision Headset Will Likely Drop Eyesight Feature

According to the reports of Bloomberg Mark Gurman, Apple is planning to launch an affordable version of its Vision Pro headset by the end of the year 2025 with a non-pro model which is likely to be called “Apple Vision One”.

Gurman reiterated his understanding that Apple is working on a cheaper version of its headset, signaling that it is pursuing a two-product strategy, as the company does by offering a standard iPhone and iPhone Pro.

Gurman speculates that Apple may utilize fewer cameras and lower-cost substitutes for the dual 4K microLED displays and M2 Apple silicon processor since the Vision Pro’s $3,499 price is believed to be at or near its manufacturing cost.

The business might instead choose a headband with a simpler design and no built-in speakers, requiring users to utilize AirPods for spatial audio instead. However, Gurman thinks Apple will remain firm on these issues:

Gurman says “The external screen, known as EyeSight, to show a wearer’s eyes, as well as the eye- and hand-tracking system, are as core to the Apple Vision as a touchscreen is to an iPhone. I would expect a cheaper model to keep those features.”

Before Apple unveiled Vision Pro, some commentators speculated about headset rumors and claimed it would not make sense to add the cost of an outward-facing display to the expensive device and shorten its battery life. However, Apple clearly views the EyeSight feature as a key differentiator from enclosed AR/VR headsets and the one that enables users to feel like they are still in touch with other people.

According to Gurman, Apple may be able to lower the cost of the headset by several hundred dollars by achieving lower material costs in other areas and streamlining the manufacturing process.