Top 8 tricks to promote your products and services on Instagram

If you have started your business, promotion, and advertisement are the two key aspects that can help you penetrate the market, and eventually get a market share. But all these require you or your business to have a decent customer base. Building a customer base isn’t tough, as long as you build the appropriate strategies and implement them. When it comes to promoting your business, online promotion, and advertising online are the two best avenues that can make your business target and reach only potential customers. There’s nothing better than online promotion and advertisement for that.

But when it comes to online promotion and advertising, Instagram is one of the best places to break in. Instagram by Facebook is used by billions of users worldwide, and the platform is used by people, especially for the purpose of entertainment. That said, most people will check Instagram when they are free, and if you show your ads on Instagram, it will most likely be clicked by most users who come across the ad. So, yes, Instagram advertisements can be great. But what you need is a proper strategy and planning. So, today I will talk about the top strategies that you should follow to promote and advertise on Instagram.

Top 8 tricks to promote your products and services on Instagram

So, without any further ado, let’s get started with the top strategies that you should follow while promoting and advertising on Instagram.

Create engaging content

Instagram is all about photos and videos. So, when you are creating Instagram ads, try to make them as interactive and streamlined as you can. Create professional-looking photos and videos to pull in more users. You can get some idea by having a look at the ads that you find, on your feed. There are a number of websites like, where you can create professional-looking promotional photos and post them to your business account. Don’t add too many colours or graphical elements to overwhelm everything, and better emphasize things that you want the users to see and deliver more insights about the company.

Create awareness before the final promotion

This is a new trend when it comes to advertising. Instead of talking about the USP of your product, create some awareness about the product or service that you are offering. Let’s say, you are offering paper cups, paper plates, and similar such products. Before you talk about why your company is the best for offering paper cups, first talk about, why it is a judicious idea to switch to paper cups. You can talk about the drastic impact of plastic on your environment, or go a little deep by showing some videos or photos showing how animals suffer from plastic, or how marine life is polluted by plastic. You can even create short videos to create awareness and that is a way, customers will have a positivity for your company.

Build a personal relationship with interested customers

Besides posting photos and videos, you can also communicate with others on Instagram through direct messages. If you see, certain users are showing interest in your posts or are commenting something positive on most of the posts, directly message them. Start gently, by saying things like ‘Thanks for showing interest’, or ‘Hey <Username>, you can have a look at our products or services’, or something similar to this. Don’t be too aggressive at the beginning to push up the sales numbers. Even though most people hardly look at Instagram messages, but if the users really find your strategies interesting, you should get a reply. Carry the conversation on, and you might get extra sales, or at least build a good relation, which is the key to do a successful business.

Highlight content generated by users

Besides creating your own content to promote your company or certain products, post some user-generated content too, on your Instagram profile. For example, if your company develop photo editing apps for mobile devices, and a user has created a masterpiece using your app, post the same on your business profile as that will show other users, the true potential of the app, or the product that you have to offer. Highlighting user content will be a third-party endorsement and can be a lucid tool to improve your brand value. Furthermore, if your customers leave some positive reviews, or a review with a sombre note, and testimonials, don’t forget to post them, as well.

Highlight the improvements you have done

This is something small, but it really makes a big difference, when it comes to advertising and promotion on Instagram. If you get a review from one of your customers or clients with a sombre note, and the user highlights some problems within your product, and the problem has been resolved thereafter, show the same as a post on your Instagram business account. Just create a post that displays the problem faced by the user and an official note of the fact that the problem has been resolved by the concerned team. This will create a deeper engagement with your customers, and will also spread the message that your company and the team address the customer problems, and prioritize the same. Showing off the improvements that you have made will definitely add a few more points to your brand value.

Use the carousel feature

Among the many useful features, the carousel feature on Instagram can really come in handy for advertisement and promotion. Instead of creating multiple posts or sharing multiple videos of the same product, just create one single post showing every important detail of the product that you are offering. But don’t overuse this feature. Don’t keep more than 4 to 5 photos in a carousel, and if possible, a video along with the photos in the same carousel will be a cherry on the pie. You can also use the carousel in some other ways. If you get testimonials from your clients, you can create a carousel post showing each of them. Furthermore, if your company has recently launched an array of new products, create a carousel post with a photo of every single product from a catchy angle.

Find the appropriate hashtags

Hashtags don’t need an introduction. We all are guilty of overusing the hashtags on Facebook or Instagram at some point in our lives, especially at the time of protesting against something, or when we are over-excited. Even though the overwhelming use of hashtags is something most users don’t like, and I also have the same stance on the overuse of hashtags, but the correct use of hashtags on Instagram can do wonders. Even though you can use multiple hashtags in your posts, try not to use more than 3 or 4 hashtags as that will make things worse. Choose the most appropriate hashtags that are relevant to your product, and also the individual post. Using the appropriate hashtags will eventually be helpful in reaching more users on Instagram.

Use the appropriate buttons

If you are posting ads in stories, and you are advertising certain products or services, use the relevant buttons to offer one-click access to your products and services to the users. For example, if you are offering an app, give the ‘Download’ button, use ‘Book Now’ if you are offering some cool deals through the stories. If you are giving some contact information, you can use ‘Call Now’ or other relevant buttons. Just look out for the available buttons, and grab your customers with just a single click or tap. The call-to-action buttons are worth using, and you shouldn’t take them with a grain of salt.

So, those were the top 8 points that you should keep in mind to advertise properly on Instagram. Furthermore, you shouldn’t offer a lot of information on the photos. Just show quality information that a user will find intriguing.

Do you know any other great way to advertise and promote successfully on Instagram? Feel free to comment on the same below.