Mobycy Zypp e-scooters: App based e-scooters to help commuters at ₹ 1/min

Mobycy has launched 300 Zypp e-scooters to initiate the green commuting in Gurugram, aims to reach 5,000 by March’19

Mobility start-ups, Mobycy had introduced dockless bicycles in the country, an effort to Green Tech. In the same direction, lately, the start-up has added a custom-made e-scooters, Zypp integrated with IoT devices to provide the facility such as smart and remote unlocking features. With the help of the Zypp e-scooter, the daily base commuters can travel short distance without harming the environment and putting the burden on pocket.

Furthermore, in the public press release, the Mobcy mentioned that the users can locate the e-scooter in the closest vicinity using the Mobycy app and with the same app they can unlock it using QR code. In addition to this, the app also provides information about the battery and runtime of the e-scooters; helps commuters to select them before using. The maximum speed of the Zypp is 25 KMs hours, which as per the Indian government, the commuters can ride without having licesnse.

Zypp e-scooters

Mobycy has now launched the pilot of Zypp in Huda City Centre, Gurgaon with 300 e-scooters. To use Zypp, the commuters need to link their Aadhaar card or driver license. The e-scooter doesn’t need any booking amount to offer a ride to commuters, even one can use it at ₹ 10, using app. The travel amount charge by it is ₹1/min; means 10 rupees can give you 10 minutes ride.

Upon completing the ride, users can simply park the Zypp anywhere safely, with the exception of private compounds or gated communities. While launching the pilot with 300 e-scooters, Mobycy is aiming to reach 5000 e-scooters by March 2019.

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