Mr. Mac Book explains why Microsoft Surface is better?

Microsoft recently has launched a new campaign to promote its Surface devices. In concern of that, they have published a comparative commercial advertisement that demeaning the capabilities of Apple’s MacBook.

In a Microsoft commercial, a man named MacKenzie Book explains that a Surface is naturally better than the MacBook.

Microsoft likes to make comparisons between its own products and Apple, well why not after Apple is its direct competitor.  The commercial video is available on Twitter, where the protagonist, claimed as a real-life person rather some actor. This young man name is MacKenzie Book whose short name indeed would be Mac; he explains in the clip, the advantages of Surface Laptop 2 over the Apple MacBook.

The Advertisement video is available on YouTube, published by Microsoft.

Obviously, Microsoft would have found this man after quite a good search because Mr Book will not be here by himself. However, the charm of his new commercial is the fact that it’s just Mac Book that tells us how much better a Surface Laptop 2 is than Apple’s MacBook, quite funny. Of course, the answers to the speaker’s questions regarding the performance of the Surface product are very clear.

In the video, Mr Mac Book has clarified which of the two laptops is faster – of course, the advertisement is by Microsoft, thus, indeed it will be the Surface Laptop 2. Speaker has also asked which of the devices offers a longer battery life – again, the Surface Laptop 2. And last but not least, it is clarified which of the two laptops the better touch screen has – of course, the Surface Laptop 2. Whereby the Microsoft device is anyway the only one of the two models, which even brings a touch-sensitive screen.

Finally, the commercial explains that Microsoft desperately saying you should buy a Surface, please “Trust me, I’m a Mac book.” Who else should know better? Haha!