nubia launches nubia X in China with two touchscreen displays

On the occasion of the sixth anniversary of the company’s establishment, Nubia held a new product launch conference in Beijing, and launched a new dual-screenNubia X“.

There is a screen in front of Nubian X, in which the front is the world’s first LCD screen with COB (board-on-chip) package, 6.26 inches, resolution 2280×1080 (19:9), and the screen ratio reaches an astonishing 93.6 %.

COB package is beneficial to improve screen ratio, optimize antenna, and efficiently dissipate heat. It also has Nubian’s signature aRC frameless technology, embedded middle frame and wrapped structure design. The surrounding frames are extremely narrow, and the narrowest is only 1.2mm. There are not many drops or notches that people don’t like.

On the back, it has a 5.1-inch flexible OLED eye-protection screen with an aspect ratio of 19:9, 100% NTSC color gamut, 100000:1 contrast ratio, AOD display, analog/digital clock, information prompts, Static wallpapers, live wallpapers, etc., and allow custom writing. The secondary screen also incorporates FullTouch.

Nubia X dual screen smartphone

This sub-screen was developed by Nubian and Lansi Technology. It claims to use more than 70,000 experimental glass diaphragms and adopts new alkali-resistant IR inks to optimize the spraying process, glass process, a glass material, and bonding process. The best balance is achieved between transmission and reflectivity.

Since the secondary screen is an OLED screen, the power consumption is very low, with a 3800mAh battery, and the secondary screen can only be used for 3 hours when it has only 5% power.

The dual screen also supports AI Smart Switching (ET Switch), which can pre-judge according to user behavior, illuminate the corresponding screen, and freely flip through the fingerprint interaction.

So, will the double screen be unbearable? The official said that the screen is affixed with a multi-layer “explosion-proof film”, including gorilla glass, multi-layer polymer film, TFE film package, high strength, high elasticity, anti-fatigue, and the implementation of BT test standards, 120 cm height for each Vertical drops, tumbling and falling, repeated drops, slight drops, repeated more than 90,000 times, all passed.

Back to the phone itself, it is overall sleek, front 2.5D glass (0.08 mm step surface), the back four-curved 3D glass, the middle frame material is 7 series aviation-grade aluminum alloy, with two screens while the whole machine weighs only 181 grams. The body thickness is 8.4 mm, which is available in deep gray, sea blue, black gold, and blue gold.

nubia X

Fingerprint recognition is not the screen or the rear but placed on the side frame, or the first two-sided fingerprint, the world’s narrowest side fingerprint, the nominal recognition rate according to the company is 99.98%, unlock speed of 0.1 seconds.

The internal configuration is of Snapdragon 845 processor, up to 8GB of memory and 256GB of storage, and multi-layer graphene cooling technology.

From the camera point, the front and rear are combined. Only the 16 MP +24 MP dual camera is installed on the back. It can be used for normal photos taking, or combined with the sub-screen for selfies.

Both cameras have large aperture F1.8+F1.7, CMOS sensor size 1 / 2.6 inches, pixel size 1.22 microns , support automatic, manual, multi-point, independent focus, with dual color temperature smart flash, super soft light with 4500K natural color temperature.

nubia launches nubia X in China with two touchscreen displays

Differently tailored men’s and women’s exclusive AI self-timer filters for men and women; the camera can automatically identify gender.

There are also AI smart scene recognition, AI art camera, which can simulate Van Gogh, flame, rich, wave, manuscript, watercolor, performance and other styles.

The operating system is equipped with nubia UI 6.0 X customized version, which supports smart service card, smart gesture, gesture navigation, super screenshot, etc.

To save the human eye, Nubia X specially optimized the phone by giving four basic scenes: light (filtered blue light), medium (increased red light), and heavy (simulated paper). It has anti-blue light glasses level protection effect through anti-blue glass wafer, space argon process and 5-layer anti-blue light coating.

Device Pricing:-

  • 6 GB RAM + 64 GB storage
    Color Variants:
    Deep Gray, Black Gold – 3,299 Yuan (~$473)
    Sea Blue – 3,399 Yuan (~$487)
  • 8 GB RAM + 128 GB storage
    Color Variants:
    Deep Gray, Black Gold – 3,699 Yuan (~$530)
    Sea Blue – 3,799 Yuan (~$545)
  • 8 GB RAM + 256 GB storage
    Color Variants:
    Black Gold – 4,199 Yuan (~$602)
    Blue Gold – 4,299 Yuan (~$616)