7 Open source and Free Farm management software

Farm Management software may sometimes incongruous because most of the time when we think about the Farms then we start imagining fields, cattle and other plants & trees. But in the 21st century, when everything is moving towards the digital platfrom then why not our Frames and vegetation. They are one of the important parts of every country and also to those own them because they directly support the economy of any country. Also management of the farms is not a easy job becuase they consist huge portion of land dedicated to different-different kind of things such as Agriculture, Cattle Management, lives stocks and more. So, to make your search easy, we gather all top available free and Open source Farm management software to give you a helping hand in your farming…


Tambero  free farm management software

It is an online or web-based free farm management software that allows you to manage the crops using an areal view. The user can draw a segmented map of its land to track and record the crop history.  The Tambero also includes the weather forecast system that let you know the weather condition around your farm location. It supports the Agriculture management, Cattle management (Dairy & Beef) and works for livestock management too. Because of the web-based there is no hassle of installation and can run on Windows Phone, Android, iPhone, Windows OS, Linux, and Mac Os; the only thing it needs a web browser to work. Its few features are paid and only work when you buy them.

Key features of Tambero:

  • Agriculture information such as Crops, land parcels, sensors integration, farm weather forecast, precipitations record.
  • Farm management
    View a customized weather forecast.
  • Cattle management: Animal database, inseminations, milkings, health, feed rations, weighings, alerts, heat detection.
  • Different livestock species: cattle, zebu cattle, goats, buffalo, sheep, camels, alpacas or llamas.
  • Set up monitoring and alerts.
  • Export your data to Excel files.
  • Tile modern design.
  • Land with maps.
  • Use QR Codes to track parcels and crops.
  • Summary reports.
  • TO-DO list integrated with the weather forecast.

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farmOS – Open source

farmOS open source farm management solution

farmOS is another web-based farm management application that completely open source and builds upon Drupal. It can be used for agricultural management, planning, and record keeping. As I said it is a free and open source (FOSS) that’s why the user can host it on its own server and also can develop further. It uses the Bootstrap framework which allows it to be fluid on all kind of displays. You can get the Demo of the FarmOS from the below-given link as well as cheaper hosting offer by them too.

Website Link


Trimble free farm management online platform

Trimble is a free farm management online platform that’s starter plan is free for farmers. Due to the web-based, the farmers can access their farm data from anywhere on any device connected to the internet. It offers three plans Farmer starter, Farmer Fit, and Farmer Pro. The free starter plan includes a single user support, custom dashboard for weather forecast and to track commodity; creates a client, farm and field records such as seeding dates and acreage, import or manually draw field boundaries, Record Yield by field (mobile only) and Map benchmarking. The cash bid prices available only in the United States. So, these are some features of the starter one and if you want a desktop farm management software with basic accounting then you need to upgrade this software to Farmer fit or pro.

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Farmathand provide solutions for Farmers and Agronomists

The Farmathand has solutions for Farmers and Agronomists. It provides features like farm management, Inventory Management to track your storage, Equipment management, sales management, and Multiuser support for the collaboration of the teams to handle big lands. Just like few other mentioned software, here, this also comes in two forms one is free and the other one is paid. The free one includes Multiple Users, Field tracking, Deliveries List, calender, Calculator, Equipment, Storage and Track Contracts. The premium account comes with Crop Planner, Planned Activities, Shopping List and few more features.

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Zipbooks- Free farm accounting software

Zipbooks- Free farm accounting software

Unlike the software mentioned here those for Crop management, field management, Cattle etc. this one is dedicated to the Farm accounting. Yes, the Zipbooks is not a new name in the world of accounting and they also provide a kind of farm accounting software with a free usage.

It is also a web-based software that helps farmers to maintain farms accounting online. It means you can access your farm account from anywhere using Desktop or mobile device. The ZipBooks free farm accounting software helps to track of everything coming and going from your bank accounts. It means no need to maintain long spreadsheets every time. The free plan of the Zipbooks provide features like customized unlimited invoicing and emails, unlimited vendors & customers, Add VAT, taxes, and invoice discounts, Invoice in multiple currencies, Send invoices and quotes as PDF, Add expenses, sales, transfers and other transactions, Accept credit cards and PayPal, Store and track receipts, Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reporting, Switch between cash and accrual reporting, View company dashboard, Connect & manage 1 bank account, business Health & Invoice Quality Score and financial reporting.

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AgroSense open source software

The AgroSense is the Open source Farm management and agriculture software meant for Windows and Linux platforms. It is free to use, however, to get the live insights of the field to evaluate its conditions and other activities requires a €50 per month. It features Farm management where farmers can map their farm plots or import digital file

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Agrivi is also a free farm management tool but only for 14 days after that, the user has to upgrade to premium account. The starter plan of the Agrivi cost around $9 per month which includes Crop management, Season plan,
Field records and input usage, Best growing practices, Inventory and warehouses, Personnel management, Machinery management, Field mapping, Current weather per field, Email notifications, Basic reports (PDF),
Mobile application (iOS, Android), Document storage (web, mobile), and Offline mode in a mobile application.

Other Useful Tools


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