Official LG G7 ThinQ Rendered Images : The Smartphone Will be in Multiple colors

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According to the website, from there reliable sources they got official press render of LG G7 which is a new upcoming smartphone of LG. The codename of this flagship phone is Judy right now but the officially launched one will be called Lg G7 ThinQ.  From the rumors, is expected to be launch in the month of May.

Official LG G7 ThinQ Render Images

The LG G7 Thin Q render image shows that the phone will available in five colors — Aurora Black, Platinum Grey, Moroccan Blue, Moroccan Blue Matte and Raspberry Rose. However, the color availability may vary region to region but the Aurora black is the default color and can be seen in all smartphone markets of the world.


Further confirmed information about LG G7 ThinQ is that it is also going to feature a “Notch”, which is in trend after the iPhone X. The design of the LG G7 is different from its G series predecessor because of the edge-to-edge display and low bezel screen in order to show as much as front it can. Like most of the Trending Notch phones such as Vivo V9, iPhone X and other low bezel phones, the front-facing camera, and earpiece speaker are also located under the surface of the Notch. However, the LG G7 Notch appear fairly small then other smartphones available in the market with same design perspective.


The LG G7 ThinQ also has dual rear camera setup on the rear side same as the last year launched flagships of the LG but aligned vertically.

The Fingerprint is same like before on the rear side below the camera module but slightly towards the downside. As we know that the LG is working on ThinQ which is the AI assistant and from the image given above; it can be seen that besides the Volume and power buttons there is one more which might be going to use for instant activation of the ThinQ.

The other change in the design element of the phone is the branding. In all the G series smartphone of the LG, if you have noticed, they all have a G series branding on the back like G3, G5, and G6. But this time in G7,  it seems everything clear on the back and on the name of branding it has standard LG logo at the bottom of the phone.

We are not confirmed about the specs of the LG G7 but it assumed that it would have Snapdragon 845, 4GB or 6GB RAM, a 6-inch QHD+ resolution display in the aspect ration of 19:9.

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