The latest Vivo V9. How is it? Competitors of Vivo V9 at this price range

From capturing photographs to listening music, and a number of indispensable things in everyday life, smartphones had slayed a number of products, used for individual tasks, in the past. Vivo, Camera, and Music, as the tagline suggests, has flabbergasted its users with the Vivo V9 smartphone. Just like the previous Vivo phones, the focus has been retained on the camera, front camera of course, but there are some modifications made in this handset, to fulfill the desire of other users, with diverse requirements. I don’t know how, successful, Vivo V9 will be, for those users but it is, after all, an improvement, which should be valued. Good job Vivo. Keep it up. By the way, it launched at the price of Vivo V9 in India is ₹ 22,990.

The handset is going to be released in April 2018, in India, and I am sure, the selfie lovers are just looking at the calendar to order Vivo V9, on online stores, or to purchase the same from offline stores, once it is made available. Is it going to be that popular! Let’s find out, by breaking the specifications into different sections, and elaborating each of them. Let’s first find out the camera, which is the most advertised feature in cent percent Vivo smartphones, in India.

Vivo V9 Camera

Vivo V9 smartphone camera

I am sure, most selfie and photo freaks look out for Vivo phones, and thus, I am keeping first things first. For the mobo photographers, Vivo V9 is going to be the best phone, as it comes with a 16 MP and 5 MP primary or rear camera, with 2.0 aperture, and a 24 MP 2.0 aperture camera, which is expected to perform pretty well.

The camera is also capable for recording 4K videos, but the frame rate will be 30 FPS, which is something to get disappointed, at least for a phone, whose USP is the camera. But, if you are looking for a smartphone with a great selfie camera, Vivo V9 is going to be the best fit for you.


Vivo V9 Design

Vivo V9 Design smartphone review

I should have kept this section at first, but, is keeping it as the second one, keeping the pampered selfie lovers in mind. The Vivo V9 comes with a display, free from bezels at the top and the sides, and an iPhone X like notch at the top. When most smartphones are moving to the bezel-less displays and is adapting notches, if you are looking for a smartphone, having the look close to iPhone X, at a cheaper price, go for Vivo V9.

Though the bezels are very less, but there are bezels just below the screen, which doesn’t look that appealing, at least to me. Opinions though can vary. As far as the price of Vivo V9 is concerned, it could have been a better device, if it had a metal or a glass body, instead of the same old, and fragile plastic body. This is, as well, pretty disappointing for me, for a handset, priced at around Rs. 22,000.


Vivo V9 Performance

Moving the focus to performance, the Vivo V9 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 626 SoC, which is quite popular and stable and is one of the best mid-range SoCs, which is clocked at 2.2 GHz, and based on Cortex-A53 architecture. The SoC is bundled with 4 GB of LPDDR3 RAM, which is expected to give a good multitasking performance. If you are a game freak, you can play almost all the games with medium to high settings, as it comes with Adreno 506 GPU, and I think, no lags will be experienced, if Vivo can optimize the device to use the hardware properly.

As far as Snapdragon 626, at a price of around Rs. 22,000 is concerned, it is a little overpriced. But, unlike the past premium Vivo phones, they have now ditched the Snapdragon 400 series, and the Mediatek SoCs, which is a pretty good step by Vivo. If you are looking for great performance, and the camera is not that important for you, you can find cheaper smartphones with Snapdragon 626 or better, and I will recommend you to go for such products instead of the Vivo V9.


Vivo V9 Display


The next thing about Vivo V9, which deserve mention, is the display. The Vivo V9 comes with an 18:9 IPC LCD display, with a screen size of 6.3 inches 2.5 D curved glass, and a screen to body ratio of around 85.2, which is pretty amazing. I expected an AMOLED display at this price range, and thus, is a little disappointed about it. The screen resolution is 1080×2280 pixels, with almost 400 ppi, which can be helpful to read PDFs, and work with document files, while on the go. For the purpose of protection, it also come with Gorilla Glass 3 Protection, which is something to cheer about.


Vivo V9 Battery and Storage

Moving on to the battery, it comes with a 3260 mAh battery, which is pretty good at this price range, but the thing missing is the support for fast charging, which is quite elementary at this price range. I wish Vivo provided the support for the fast charging technology. As far as storage is concerned, it comes with a 64 GB internal storage, and comes with 256 GB expandable storage, and I have no complaints about that. The USB Type C is the future, and I don’t know why, most OEMs do not take it seriously. The result is visible in the so-called premium product by Vivo, where the same old Micro USB port is present, and it really frustrates me.


Vivo V9 Other specifications

The good news is that, the Vivo V9 will come with Android Oreo 8.1 out of the box, which is pretty rare, as of now, and that is really one thing, I like. It comes with almost all the necessary sensors, like accelerometer, proximity sensor, a compass sensor, for better navigation, and for the VR lovers, yes, gyro sensor is there to get a decent virtual reality experience. Just like other smartphones, the Vivo V9 comes with a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, which is a good job in Vivo V9. The face unlock is not that appealing to me, as it will just compare your face, with an existing photo, and thus, will be inaccurate, at times. If you think, the face unlock will measure the face depth, and other facial parameters to unlock your device, just like iPhone X, or OnePlus 5, you are wrong, as there isn’t any mention of such technology, in the launch event.


Vivo V9 Pros and Cons


  • An iPhone X like design, which you might call innovation, being a Vivo, fan, or a copy of iPhone X. I will consider it as an innovation though. Come on, it is 2018, and having bezel less phones is going to be the future.
  • The 24 MP primary camera is expected to take cool selfies, and it is a great news for the selfie lovers. Both the cameras support 4K recording.
  • Android Oreo 8.1 out of the box is pretty good.


  • Plastic body. Expected a metal or glass body at this price range.
  • 4K recording at 60 FPS is missing.
  • IPS LCD display. I expected an AMOLED display for crispier display and better clarity.
  • USB Type C is missing.
  • Snapdragon 626 is less than expectation, at this price range.
  • No support for fast charging, when most smartphones at this price range come with that.


Comparison of Vivo V9 with other products at this price range

The Redmi Note 5 Pro, is one of the best alternatives and it comes with a better SoC, 6 GB of RAM, and a 4000 mAh battery. I am sure, the Vivo V9 will give you a better camera experience, but Vivo V9 is not at all a budget smartphone package at this price range. If you can do a little compromise, with the camera segment, Redmi Note 5 Pro will be my personal recommendation at around Rs. 17,000.

The Moto M is also a pretty good phone within a tight budget, and it also comes with 4 GB RAM, 3050 mAh battery, to compete with the Vivo V9. Though the Moto M is powered by a MediaTek Helio P15 processor, which is a downside.

The Samsung J7 Pro is another competitor of Vivo V9, though it comes with 3 GB RAM. Samsung offers a very good service, and if you are looking for a budget package under Rs. 20,000, Samsung Galaxy J7 can be the product, you can go for, instead of the Vivo V9.


Who should go for it!

In the midst of good and bad things on the Vivo V9, you can go for the Vivo V9, if you are looking for an iPhone X like a smartphone, under a highly compressed budget. If you are a selfie lover, and that is a thing, you give maximum priority to, just go for this guy, if it is available within your budget.

If selfie is not that important in your life, I will obviously not recommend Vivo V9, not because it is an incapable device, but because it is overpriced. There is no doubt, as far as the camera specifications on the pen and paper are concerned, the camera quality will no doubt be great, but it is useless spending so much for this overpriced product, just for the camera. The reason, why the product is highly priced is evident to almost all when they go outside and find Vivo hoarding everywhere. I will not complain about that, but Vivo V9 could have been the best budget smartphone if it was priced at around Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 17,000.


Took your final decision to go for Vivo V9! Preorder it on Flipkart right now.

What do you think about the Vivo V9? Will you purchase this pocket monster? Let me know in the comment section down below, as it is all yours.

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  1. If you are looking for an excellent selfie camera experience, the Vivo V9 is one of the best options in the market right now, all things considered. Many thanks for sharing this.


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