Air Purifying cum Invertor Air conditioners Launched By Panasonic

Panasonic recently announced a new Air conditioning product in India which is not only an AC but also has inbuilt Air purifier system. It uses a Nanoe technology that claimed by the Panasonic can deactivate PM 2.5, Bacteria & Viruses giving up to 99% clean air. The Nanoe technology is the Panasonic’s patented air purification system.

The Panasonic plans to cover the business of Rs. 1500 crores in India during this summer season, targeting 17% growth in FY18-19 over last year.

This new range of Panasonic AC comes with Aerowings that provide better control over the airflow for wider are coverage and ensure the proper cooling and air purification. The price of new  Panasonic Air-Purifying inverter air conditioners in India starts from INR 39,000 to INR 72,000 and in 0.8T, 1.0T, 1.5T, 2.0T variants.

Panasonic Air Purifying Invertor Air conditioners with Nanoe

Cities like Delhi in India are worse in terms of air pollution and indoor air pollution sometimes higher than the outdoor. So, this Japanese company air purifying innovation Nanoe Technology uses no-sized electrostatic atomised water particles to deodorise, inhibit bacteria and virus growth, remove dust and 99% of PM2.5 to purify the air in the room even when the cooling function of the air-con is turned off. The three stage purification system ensure pure and healthy air.

Once the AC reached the set temperature it starts the Aerowings twin blades direct air towards the ceiling to create a ‘Shower Cooling effect’. This ensures the evenly distributed throughout the room.

With this launch Panasonic will also be showcasing the elite inverter range ‘AERO SERIES’ which comes with Aeroslim design, iAuto X feature for faster cooling and ECONAVI Sensors which reduces energy wastage upto 65%.

Air Conditioner market has recently witnessed a shift towards people purchasing inverter ACs in the country. Currently, 15% of Indian AC market has moved to Inverter AC’s and is anticipated to grow to total 55% of the AC market.