Panasonic Seekit Bluetooth device tracker launched in two variants

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The Panasonic, today has introduced a Bluetooth driven tracking device that can solve the problem of people those have a tendency to forget their valuable items. The name of the device is Panasonic SeeKit available in two models one is Seekit Edge and the other Seekit Loop.  The price of the Edge is ₹15,99 and the Loop will cost ₹12,99, both will start selling to consumers in the 1st week of the December 2018.

This novel launched Panasonic tracking device features Bluetooth 5.0 for better battery backup and range. The Seekit can operate within the range of 100 feet along with your smartphone, with help of an app called Seekit; available on Google play store and soon will accessible for iPhone users too.

As per the company claims, the device could last for about 12 – 18 months without a charge, depending on the behavior of users usage. Both the devices use button cells.

How it tracks your valuable items: The Seekit has a separation indicator, after connecting to the smartphone via Seekit app, the moment the user starts moving away from the tracking device it will produce a buzzing sound. For example, you have attached this small and slim tracking device to your Car keys and in case if you forget it while leaving the office you will get a notification on your phone (of device disconnection) and the device itself also creates an alert (buzzing sound).

The user can customize the alerts sound with their own voice too. Furthermore, as it has bi-directional tracking capability, thus, in a scenario, if you won’t be able to find your smartphone in the room or within the range of the device, you can simply double press the button given on the Seekit and your phone will start vibrating and ringing. You can know more about the device and its usage in this article: How to connect and use Panasonic Seekit Bluetooth device tracker

The tracking device features: 

  • Separation Indicator
  • Buzz button with LED indicator
  • Proximity Guidance
  • Last Seen Location
  • Bi-directional Tracking
  • Voice Alerts with High Alert Mode and Low Alert Mode
  • Wi-Fi secure mode
  • Do not disturb or Pickpocket mode
  • Last seen location
  • Crowd GPS
  • Share your Seekit with friends
  • Selfie button for a quick selfie
  • Splash-proof (IP65)
  • Range up to 100 ft
  • Bluetooth v5.0
  • SOS

Seekit Edge Specifications

seekit Edge Specifications

Bluetooth VersionBLE 5.0
Listed Range100ft
LoudnessUpto 80db
OS CompatibilityiOS & Android
Water ResistantIP 65
Life18 months

Seekit Loop Specifications

Seekit Loop Specifications

Bluetooth VersionBLE 5.0
Size41mm X 32mm
Listed Range100ft
LoudnessUpto 80db
OS CompatibilityiOS & Android
Water ResistantIP 65
Life12 months


Rajkumar Maurya
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