Letstrack Personal GPS tracker review. Should you purchase it?

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Letstrack Personal GPS device isn’t just a GPS device, but it also brings the whole community of Letstrack to you, and you can even communicate with friends, who use products from Letstrack…

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After using the Letstrack Personal GPS Tracker for almost a month now here is our review with pros and cons on this exiguous GPS integrated product.

All smartphones today come with the GPS functionality, which can help you find directions, track somebody you love, obviously with their permission, find nearest stores and service centres, and for other similar tasks. The GPS sensor on our smartphones is pretty accurate, along with support from nearby Wi-Fi and mobile network signals, it isn’t the ultimate GPS solutions, and can sometimes stop functioning at all if your smartphone is switched off, running out of battery or you simply switch it off for your own requirements. So if somebody is tracking you, with your permission, however, there will no longer be able to track you once your smartphone is switched off. 

Besides that, if you are in a vulnerable location, like on mountains, when you are trekking, or similar other places, where mobile network isn’t stable or your smartphone is switched off due to low battery, a dedicated GPS can be the best solution for others to track you, without depending on a secondary device for the same purpose. Recently Himachal Pradesh Government has made it mandatory for trekkers to carry a GPS device, obviously for safety. I am using the Letstrack Personal GPS Tracker for almost a month now and I am here with a small review of the product.

Let’s get started with the box contents, and it will be followed by the features, pros, and cons, and the bottom line, or whether should you go for the product or not.

A brief history of Letstrack

Letstrack is a 3-year old Indian IT company, founded by Vikram Kumar, and it is presently the largest GPS security company in Asia, They have achieved this wonderful and significant milestone within this very short time, and besides the personal GPS tracking device I am reviewing here, there are a number of other GPS, IoT, and AI solutions, offered by the company, as well.

The company has also tied up with Smile Foundation, which is a charitable organization, and with every Letstrack product you purchase, you are educating a child. This is a wonderful initiative taken by Letstrack, which I appreciate personally.

Letstrack Personal GPS Tracker Review

Personal tracker box Letstrack unboxing

Box contents:

  • 1 Letstrack Personal GPS device
  • 1 Power adapter
  • 1 Charging cable
  • 3 pamphlets (2 Feature pamphlets, 1 Warranty, and customer requisition form)

So, those are the contents you will get out of the box.

Price: – ₹ 6,499


Let’s have a look at the features of the Letstrack Personal GPS device.

  • The dimensions of the Letstrack Personal GPS device is 50x50x18 mm.
  • The Letstrack Personal GPS device has support for real-time tracking using the Letstrack mobile app available for different platforms, and also on the website.
  • Letstrack Personal will automatically keep a record of the places you visit, and the trips. You can even see them later on within the app or website.
  •  It can send zone alerts if your loved one leaves or enters the safe zone.
  • The user can send SOS alerts, if he/she is in danger, with one press of a button on the Letstrack Personal GPS device.
  • This GPS tracker also has some smart IoT functionalities, which includes engine cut to automatically turn off the engine, turn the air conditioner on or off, plug and unplug devices and many more, when you are out of the zone.
  • The device comes with a 3.7 Volt and 1,000 mAh battery, which will last for 2 days when kept ideal, and it can easily last a day or a little more if you are travelling and the device is in weak signal conditions.
  • The device is waterproof, which means you will never have to worry about the device getting damaged in light rain when you are out.
  • The device can also store them offline GPS data so that your location history can be stored without any troubles when GPS is available, but there is no data connection.

So, those are the features of the Letstrack personal GPS device. The features are really appealing.

How to set up Letstrack personal GPS device

The Letstrack personal GPS device is very easy to set up. However, if you are facing troubles here is a small guide for you.

letstrack box

Step 1: Download the Letstrack Android or iOS app on your smartphone, and go through the basic sign up process to create an account on Letstrack.

Step 2: You will just need your name and mobile number to sign up. Your email ID is optional. For the Letstrack app to function properly, it needs permission to access your phone calls, contacts, media files, and storage, obviously the location.

After the basic setup is complete, it is time to add and set up the Letstrack Personal GPS tracker.

Step 3: Under Letstrack under the ‘Individual’ tab, tap on ‘Add Friend/Device’, and tap on ‘Add Device’.

Letstrack Personal GPS tracker App review

Step 4: Now enter a name for the GPS tracker, and the device ID, which is written at the back of the GPS device.

Step 5: Now choose the type of device, the GPS device is meant to be used. For me, it is ‘Personal’. Finally, tap on ‘Add Device’.

Integration of Letstrack Personal tacker to app

Step 6: You will get the message saying, the GPS device is added successfully. Just tap on ‘OK’ to proceed with using the app.

Letstrack Personal GPS tracker review

Letstrack personal GPS Pros:

Let’s have a look at the pros of Letstrack personal GPS device.

  • First Things First, the Letstrack Personal GPS device is very easy to set up and use. Just turn the device on with a single press of a button, and you can easily be tracked or you can see your location within the Letstrack app.
  • The app comes with a user-friendly interface, where the dashboard is the most important thing. In the dashboard, you can see the remaining battery of the device, activity of your friends, travelling history, trip history, parking information and everything else.
  • Availability of the travelling history of the last 24 hours is most advertised by the company. However, you can even see the travelling history of a few days back, by choosing the appropriate date and time for which you want to see the travel history. All the travelling history can be made available either in list and map view.tacker travelling history of the last 24 hours
  • The Letstrack Personal GPS device can easily be kept in the pocket or can be attached with a key ring, whichever is convenient for you. As the device is very small, it will not be a hurdle for you to carry it while you are travelling.
  • Talking about the Letstrack app, which is one of the most important elements associated with the device, the app is very lightweight, and it also has a number of additional functionalities. For showing a list of places, you will be redirected to Google Maps.
  • While using the Letstrack app, you can also find the traffic condition of your route, which can help you select an alternative route to your destination, if the primary route to your destination is congested.
  • Talking about battery the battery backup, it is quite good and it lasted almost 36 to 40 hours with a few hours of travel and in other times, the device was kept ideal. The device can easily be charged using a power bank, which means you will never have to worry about the battery with the Letstrack personal GPS device.MicroUSB charger point of tracker
  • Real-time tracking with the Letstrack Personal GPS device is quite accurate and precise. If you are using it for navigation purposes you can use it without pressing any troubles. 

So, those are the pros of using the Letstrack personal GPS device. Yes, it has all the functionalities, and the overall experience of using the GPS tracker wasn’t bad at all.

Letstrack personal GPS Cons:

Let’s have a look at the things I didn’t like in the Letstrack Personal GPS device. There aren’t many, but still, let’s have a look at the cons.

  • While I was using Letstrack personal GPS device for real-time tracking, I observed a little delay in the real-time tracking. If you are tracking one of your family members, the small delay of 40 to 50 meters might not be a big deal, but it can be a problem at the time of real-time navigation.
  • The design of the GPS tracker is quite good. But the size of the hole to insert a keyring is very small. I wish the hole was a little bigger so that it would have been easy to attach it to a key ring. however, it isn’t a deal-breaker.
  • There are two buttons on the Letstrack Personal GPS device, one for powering the device on or off, while the other is the panic button. But, the buttons are very hard to press. However, they might go soft after using the device even for some more time. 
  • The Letstrack personal One GPS device is available at Rs. 6,999, which is almost Rs. 7,000. Yes, the device has some advanced features, I wish the device was more affordable, considering the fact Letstrack is an Indian brand. I wish the product available at around Rs. 6,000 in the Indian market.

So those were the few cons of the Letstrack Personal GPS device.

Bottom line:

So finally, should you go for the Letstrack Personal GPS device? Letstrack Personal GPS device isn’t just a GPS device, but it also brings the whole community of Letstrack to you, and you can even communicate with friends, who use products from Letstrack. It comes with a cool set of functionalities, and everything is packed in the great user interface of the app.

Letstrack app enhances the functionalities of the GPS tracker and thus, it is one of the best GPS tracking devices that you can find in the market. Even if you don’t have the existing infrastructure for using the IoT functionalities of the device, or you simply don’t have a handful of IoT devices at home, the device is still worth going for, as you can easily enjoy the IoT functionalities later on and make your living more sophisticated. So Letstrack Personal being a smart GPS tracking device, with a panic button, I will surely recommend it.

So, that was all about the Letstrack Personal GPS tracker review. Do you have any other point that is worth mentioning here? Feel free to comment on the same below. 

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