Portronics My Buddy Lite- A Portable and Foldable Laptop Stand

Portronics recently announced a launch of foldable and lightweight Laptop stand known as My Buddy Lite.  It is a new addition to the Portronics Mybuddy Series of laptop stands.

In this smarter world when everything shrinking down, then why should we carry big laptop stands with heat sinking fans? even we don’t need them; everybody is not using a gaming laptop or have a heating problem. Also, if we work long hours on Laptop it effects on our health and spinal too because of inappropriate sitting situation. So, in such situations, as per the Portronics, the My Buddy Lite gives you the comfort while using the laptop in any posture or at any place, which will help you to keep a balance between work and health.

Portronics My Buddy Lite – A Portable and Foldable Laptop Stand

Portronics My Buddy Lite Desing

The My Buddy as said by the company uses the best quality material which makes it strong and flexible to bear the weight of up to 4Kgs / 17-inch laptops. The uniques structure of My Buddy lite has 350gm lightweight and made up of three things– Nylon, steel, and silica rubber to make it rough and tough to use.  The basic size of a laptop, we can use on this flexible laptop stand is 288 x 46 x 30 mm. It comes with two adjustable angles for your laptop to make it suitable as per your comfort.  Also, the company has commented that “the ergonomic design which helps you balance your health and work by keeping your back and wrist less tired.


Furthermore, the My Buddy Lite can easily be folded with the help of just a pair of thumb and forefinger to be pressed outward and hence, opening it smartly at a quick time. Due to its adjustable and folding feature, it occupies less space as compared to the traditional ones. The user can use and adjust it exactly to the height of his/her eye lens keeping the body more comfortable and lean.  It is highly suitable for carrying a good amount of weight yet being stable along with its magnetic pads and a metal skeleton.

Pricing and Availability:

My Buddy Lite comes at the price tag of INR 1099; offered by the Portronics a company that provides digital and Portable Solutions. The other recent products launched by the Portronics are   Portronics SOUNDCAKE Home Stereo speaker and Progenie – A Small Portable Multifunctional Projector.

Note: Above listed features and benefits are claimed by the Portronics, the H2S Media didn’t review or experienced the My Buddy Lite stand.