Portronics Launches SOUNDCAKE Home Stereo System

Portronics is known for its Portable Digital Devices and Gadgets selling at budget prices. Recently following the same trend they launched a new re-chargeable Stereo Speaker with TWS Technology called Portronics SOUNDCAKE. 

The Portronics soundcake features TWA(True Wireless Stereo Technology) that allow connecting two SOUNDCAKE speakers simultaneously via Bluetooth 4.0 to create Left and Right stereo sound experience. It has AUX option too for device those don’t have the Bluetooth option.

potronics soundcake Portable Stereo Speaker with TWS – True Wirless Stereo

SOUNDCAKE also has inbuilt mic and speakerphone for hands-free calling. One can take/reject/end calls coming to your smartphone from the speaker controls.


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SOUNDCAKE sound drives by two 5 W inbuilt speakers with inbuilt amplifier. It has metal grill body of around 412 grams and 2600mAh lithium-Ion battery that can play music for more than 8 hours on a single recharge as the company claimed. To get fully charged battery it takes around 2 hours. Battery indicator LED there to show the charge status.

portronics soundcake Home Stereo System

Portronics SOUNDCAKE  Specifications

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Pricing and Availability:

Portronics SOUNDCAKE is available in jet black color at a price point of INR 2999 only.