Daiwa D32C4S LED TV 32 inch (80cm) Smart TV Review

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No doubt the Daiwa D32C4S LED TV is one of the cheapest Smart Tv in the Indian market and a good option; if you have a low budget. At the price of INR 14,490, the Tv is a value for money product but don’t expect the high-quality experience. 

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The Daiwa D32C4S LED TV 80 cm ( 32-inch) Smart HD Ready was launched in 2017 and falls under the budget category with a price of INR 14,490 in India. It is an HDR LED Television with Web Flirt remote; you might be thinking, what is Web Flirt remote? About that, we will talk later in this article. For those don’t know about the Daiwa, let me introduce the company’s background. The Daiwa is a part of an Indian company Videotex International Pvt. Ltd which deals in electronic products from last 33 year. The Videotex is a Noida (India) based company which has started the Daiwa in 2016.

Although in India there is tough competition in TV category especially in premium segment but if you talk about the budget and mid-range, the homegrown companies doing well like Daiwa, Kodak, Micromax and few others. The Daiwa is known for its budget Smart TVs and D32C4S-C4U LED TV is one of them. We have used it for a week and here is our review where we talk about the highs and lows of this Android Smart TV.

Daiwa D32C4S LED TV Review

Diawa LED TV D32C4S-C4U- 32 inch (80cm) Smart TV Review

Things Inside the Box

LED TV, Table Stand, Remote, Handset Battery, User Manual, and Warranty Card. On Amazon its mention that the box contains the wall mount but in our review unit box, we didn’t find it.

Daiwa LED TV Design and Build Quality

This Daiwa Smart LED TV is 32 Inches will definitely impress your family and friends especially when you compare it with other TVs at this price point. It uses Zero dot A+ grade Samsung panel which means there are no pixel defects. The panel is surrounded by a thick bezel made up of plastic with a glossy appearance. The whole frame and back side of the Daiwa D32C4S are in black color and uses durable plastic. The TV is very light even my laptop feels heavy on fronts of it, the whole TV weight is approx 6.84 Kg with stands and 79 x 13 x 50 cm dimensions. You will find a Daiwa logo in the middle bottom (on frame) of the TV while the right side has a bulging portion towards the bottom to hold the On/Off notification LED and RF sensor.

The back panel which is in matte finish protruded a bit but has enough strength to hold the Tv on a wall mount without any suppleness.

Coming to the table stands those are also in black with a glossy finish and made up of hard plastic. If we keep the Tv’s weight in our mind which is around 6Kg then these plastic stands can easily hold it without stumbling.

Overall, the design is good at the price it comes. We would like to give Daiwa D32C4S LED TV 6.5/10 for design and build quality.

Daiwa D32C4S LED TV Ports and Connectivity

The Daiwa D32C4S-C4U features all basic connectivity that a SmartTv required. The majority of ports are at the left bottom side while the few regular usage ports such as USB slot are on the left side vertically. These vertical ports can easily be accessible but like other TVs, you may face some problem to access them if the TV is mounted on the wall.

This Daiwa D32C4S LED TV features following ports and connectivity:

  • 2.* HDMI
  • 2 * USB
  • 1* VGA
  • 1* Ethernet LAN port RJ45
  • 3.5 mm PC audio-in
  • RF-In for antenna
  • 2 *  Composite-In RCB
  • Coaxial  with LEft and Right  audio output with
  • Built-In Wi-Fi
  • 3G Dongle Plug and Play
  • Miracast
  • MHL support

Now let’s see the arrangments of these ports and connectivity performance. As I said, the ports of the Tv are divided into two sections few are at the left side arranged vertically and other at the bottom side on the back.

2.0 USB 1 & USB 2, RCB 1 and RCB 2 are placed on the left side. The RCB is basically used to provide composite video input signal to the TV.

DAIWA D32C4S 80cm (32) left side post and connectivity


Coming towards the bottom side ports, if you give a look at the picture given below you will find RJ45 for inserting  LAN cable to access the wired internet, COAX with Left & Right ports for audio output to connect external speakers, VGA-In to use the TV with Laptops or computer desktop machines, 3.5mm Jack to give your PC or other audio input to the TV, HDMI1 & HDMI 2 and RF IN. What we think, one HDMI port should be on the vertical left side of the TV to easily access and plug the HDMI devices in wall mount position.

DAIWA D32C4S LEFT bottom side post and connectivity

If your remote is not working somehow, the manual button to operate the Tv are given on the light side of the TV which consist the Channel changer, Volume Up and down, Menu, Source, and Power.


Daiwa D32C4S-C4U LED TV Right side buttons

The other connectivity options the Tv has are WiFi and Miracast, note that there is no Bluetooth option on this TV. The Miracast can directly enable and disable using the TV remote.

How To setup Miracast in Daiwa D32C4S LED TV

Step 1: Go to Miracast either from the Tv Menu settings option or by directly pressing the shortcut key from the remote. Once Wireless Display window pop-ups; slide the toggle button to ON, given in the front of Equipment SmartTv option. For reference see the screenshot.

Step 2: Go to your smartphone and enable Screencast. If it not able to find the SmartTv or unable to connect then install an external app called Display Phone Screen On TV.

Wireless display

Step 3:  After getting connected, you will see your smartphone screen on the Daiwa Smart Tv screen.

Here, we are playing a Youtube video in the smartphone projecting on TV via Smart Wireless display– Miracast.

Miracast performance: During our test there were no lags between the video running on the smartphone and casting on the TV, even audio runs smoothly without any glitches. The thing which really bothers us was the Miracast connection setup, it was not that much easy, you might have to try 3-4 times and then it should be able to connect you. However, the OS version and Tv interface is same as the Kodak 4K UHD we reviewed earlier but still it not that much smoother.

Daiwa D32C4S Smart LED TV Display

As I told you that the display panel of this Daiwa HD Smart Tv is A+ Grade manufactured by the Samsung and offer Zeo-Brt Dot which means no dead pixel. The size of the display is 32 inches (80 cm) which is direct backlight and offer 16.7 million colors. If you talk about the Screen Resolution which is HD 1366*768  and has an aspect ratio of 16:9. The response time of the Tv is 6.5ms which means you can easily use it as a display to play your favorite games.

Daiwa picture sharpness is average and it might be due to the HD resolution but if you see it from a distance of around 4 meter then it is acceptable because of low price otherwise picture quality is average. Even the picture enhancement and Noise Reduction (NDR) features not very helpful. Coming to the color reproduction which is good and natural not much vivid but you can easily differentiate each color tone. The black level of the Tv is again not that much good and some time the brighter area give some white shades on the black area of an image. The brightness of the Tv is 280 nits which allow us to watch it clearly even in the brighter room environment. You also not going get any difficulty to watch it from the sides because it gives a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees. While testing, we are able to see and identify the object easily on the TV at such wide angle.

wide viewing angle of 178 degrees

The Picture mode available in the Daiwa Smart Led Tv are Standard, Eyesafe, User, Sports, Vivid, Game, and Soft. It also features pre define color temperatures such as Standard, Warm,  & Cool, De-Interlace 3D, and Comb Filter 3D.

Overall, we want to say that picture quality on Daiwa D32C4S LED TV is average. We like to score it 5/10 but keeping the price in mind we can increase it to 6/10.

Daiwa D32C4S LED TV Picture Quality Samples

To see the full resolution of the image please right click on it and open the image in new tab.

daiwa 32 inch led tv

daiwa led tv 32 inch

Diawa LED TV

Diawa Smart TV

Diawa television

Diawa TV

Diawa D32C4S C4U LED TV

Diawa D32C4S C4U Smart LED TV Picture quality

Diawa D32C4S C4U Smart LED TV

Diawa D32C4S LED TV

Performance and Software

The Daiwa D32C4S LED Smart TV runs on a customized version of Android 4.4.4 KitKat which is very old.  It running on Dual-Core 1.4GHz CPU – Cortex A53 with 1GB RAM and 8 GB storage capacity. Out of 8GB ROM, around 4.50 GB is available to use.

The best thing it has pre-installed Google Play store to install any app and game you want. Also, it features pre-installed third-party app store Aptoide which almost works like Play store and provides all latest Android applications to install.

Playstore Diawa smart TV

The interface of the Tv is quite simple and easy to understand.  To get all settings and other option just press the home button and you will get a rasterization screen with all home apps shortcuts and other setting options.

File Manager: To manage all the internal files available on internal storage or external storage.

External drive Storage of Smart Tv

Settings: This option allows to control different settings of the TV such as Date & Time, Language, Network, System, Wireless Display, System Upgrade, Restoring the factory settings, and About.

settings option


Daiwa TV Remote

In the beginning of this review, we said that the Remote of this Daiwa D32C4S LED TV has web flirt, so basically the webs flirt is nothing it just a pointer that can operate using the remote. The web flirt can enable using the mouse button given on the remote. It helps in selecting options while browsing, surfing the internet, selecting some options and more.

The long remote of the TV has lots of shortcuts and other key options to controls the Tv such as for the screenshot, Apps, Sound mode, Picture Mode, Hotstar, YouTube, Netflix, Miracast, Browser,  Subtitles, Vision mode and other standard buttons and shortcuts. The Vision mode has further three modes: High, Mid, Low those uses to set the brightness level of the TV and also has an Eyesafe mode to reduce the eyes stress. The remote buttons are soft and offer good connectivity.

Loud Audio but average performance

The TV is enough loud to fill the room or hall easily, it has two 10W speakers–total 20W. The vocals are good and treble too but when it comes to bass everything becomes flat. Generally, all the Smart TV requires an external sound system to deliver best of it in terms of Audio. It has several audio modes– User, Music, Standard, Movie, and Sports.


The overall performance of the Tv is good but few areas such as the display and Miracast need improvements. Th best thing is that the Daiwa offering the same configuration and OS at INR 14,990 which is in Kodak 55UHDXSMART 4K at the price of INR 45,999. The main difference between these two is the screen size and picture quality. Apart from this, we didn’t find any other problems, it recognizes our 2TB Seagate external drive easily without any performance issue.

No doubt the Daiwa is one of the cheapest Smart Tv in the Indian market and a good option if you have a low budget. At the price of INR 14,490, the Tv is a value for money product but don’t expect the high-quality experience.

Daiwa D32C4S LED TV Specifications
Warranty – Product 1- Year
Warranty – Remote Handset 3-Month
Model No D32C4S
Product 32″ Smart LED TV
LED TV Unit 1
Table Stand 2
Remote Handset 1
Battery “AAA” 2
User Manual 1
Size 80cm
Screen Resolution HD 1366*768
Panel A+Grade(Zero-Brt Dot)
Backlight Type Direct
Display Color 16.7M
Viewing Angle 178°/178°
Response Time 6.5mS
Aspect Ratio (Panel) 16:9
Brightness 280 nits
CPU   Quad Core 1.3GHzARM Cortex A7
GPU  Multi-Core Mali-400MP2
ROM (Internal Storage) 8GB
Version 4.4.4
Network – RJ45 Ethernet Support Yes
WiFi Yes
Browser Support HTML5
USB Support USB2.0
OSD Language English
Surfing Net Yes
Mouse Curser on Remote Yes
RF In Yes
AV In 2
PC Input (VGA) 1
PC Audio Input 1
Ethernet Yes
Line Out (L – R) 1
Coax Out Yes
External Speaker Out No
Sound Mode  Standard, Music, Movie, Sports, User
Audio Output 10W*2
Auto Vol Control Yes
Power Audio Control Yes
Equalizer Yes
Picture Mode Standard, Eyesafe, User, Sports, Vivid, Game, Soft
Color Temperature  Standard, Warm, Cool
Picture Enhancement Yes
Noise Reduction (NDR) Yes
Image Freeze Yes
De-Interlace 3D
Comb Filter 3D
Multi-Media Playability Yes
Multi Display Function Yes
Weak Signal Enhancement Yes
Aspect Ratio 16:9, 4:3
Key Lock Yes
TV System (PAL/NTSC) Yes
Prog No. 100
Program Edit Yes
Favorite Program Yes
Clock (Internet Clock) Yes
Sleep Timer/ Auto Sleep Yes
 Parental Control Lock System/ Block Program
Power Requirement AC 100V – 240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption (Standby) <0.5W
Power Consumption (Max) < 65W

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