Portronics Yogg Plus fitness tracker 2019 introduced at ₹ 2,499

Portronics recently launched its latest version Yogg fitness tracker called “Yogg Plus”. I already have used the earlier version of the Portronics Yogg and it was value for money product and hope this too.

Well, the launched product this year 2019 -Yogg Plus is almost identical to the previous models with some new additions in design; sleek and look that suit both casual and formal dresses.

The Yogg plus can measure the distance walked by a user plus keep track of calories burnt in a day. Plus track of sleep cycle.

The weight of the Yogg plus is 17gm which as per the company is very comfortable to wear and also the material used in the band is skin friendly. The user can set goals to achieve such the number of steps, one need to complete in a day.

Also, apart from the tracker the Yogg plus also can set the reminder on the daily basis to remind the user “its time to walk”. The data of the workout can be stored in the app called VeryFit Pro app that can install on smartphone and connect to Yogg Plus via Bluetooth.

Portronics Yogg Plus fitness tracker 2019 introduced at ₹ 2,499

The Portronics Yogg Plus can charge with any 5V/500mA USB wall adaptor. The user just needs to detach the Yogg Plus module from the band and insert to USB adaptor.

In addition to all this, the band also certified with IP67 which means it can resist the dust and water splashes like while washing hand or sweat. When connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth the notifications of the Social Media apps, missed, SMS and reminders can be seen directly on the band.

The company also claimed that the inbuilt 45mAh battery of the Yogg band can stay alive for seven days in a single charge. Plus enable the user to capture the image on a smartphone using the Yogg Plus screen as long as it’s in 10 meter (Bluetooth range).

The Portronics Yogg Plus is the available jet black color at price of INR 2,499/-