10 Best Apps which can Guide us to stay Healthy and Fit in 2020

The global pandemic has shattered the entire globe, and yes, even though we have spent a long journey with it, the fact is the things are only getting worse day by day, and until and unless a proper and effective vaccine is not out in the global market, everyone must remain careful. So, a good workout is very much needed for all of us to stay fit, both mentally and physically. And yes, I know most gyms have opened, but still many people fear going out, therefore, I have come up with this article in which some of the best apps for Android smartphones are included to remain fit and healthy in your house if you follow them properly.  

Best Android Apps to Workout in 2020 from home

Home Workout – No Equipment

This app is one of the most sought out apps of this category and yes, all of you can try it out. Well, if you want to build your body, or keep it in shape or bring it back to shape or just wish to stay fit and healthy, then this app can help a lot. One of the best things about this app is that you do not require any equipment, yes, you read it correctly, you need not have any equipment with you, but still, you can accomplish all your goals free handed, but yes, you must follow it each and every day with full determination for the same.

It comes packed with a proper routine of workouts, starting from the warm-up exercises and then the rest of the workout pattern with step by step guide. It has workout routines for all types of goals, whether your goal is weight loss or muscle building or just casual cardio workout, and so on. Home Workout tracks all your progress and you can view it later on and motivate yourself to get better every next day, and yes, it also displays you the number of calories that you have burnt after your session.

Furthermore, there are a lot of more exciting features present in this app and you can also opt for personal trainer guidance if you want to leave no stone untouched, and yes, in that case, you will have to make the in-app purchases, which are of the range 180 to 3350 rupees.

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Women Workout at Home – Female Fitness

No doubt that most of the Android apps for the home workout have content common to both men and women, but few apps like this one are dedicated specially for ladies, and yes, nowadays, women are equally as crazy as men when it comes to staying workout and staying fit. One of the most praiseworthy things about this app is that it comes with short seven-minute sessions for a daily basis workout. One of the most searched categories by women is how to reduce belly fat and also the ways to get a thin waistline, and much more. And your search finally ends here, as this app comes packed with workout sessions that target to eliminate your belly fat, slim all the excess fat on your waistline, legs, and more. 

In simple words, this app is designed to help you to get a shape that you always dream of. Most of the workouts do not require any equipment, and it is a thumbs-up feature, and yes, you can track all your progress in it and it will give you analyzed reports of your workout sessions, like – the number of calories you have burnt, your weight loss progress and much more. If you are thinking about the in-app purchases, then they range from 240 to 2850 rupees.

Women Workout at Home Female Fitnes min

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Lose Weight App for Men – Weight Loss in 30 Days

Now comes another best workout app for Android dedicated especially for men, let us figure it out. Losing weight has become one of the most sought out things for masses out there, and the ongoing pandemic is just adding fuel to the fire. So, if you are also one who falls in this category, then you can try this app out.

The thing that will definitely attract you and blow your mind away is that it comes loaded with just ten-minute workout sessions for each and every day and for a total of thirty days. If you follow all the instructions, balance your diet, and also perform all the workout routines with discipline and hard work, then you are sure to the spot some changes. It comes with three sets of difficulty levels and you can choose accordingly.

Moreover, you can track all your small to big progress here and it will display to you the goals that you have accomplished, ranging from calorie burnt, exercises performed, etc. It can help you get rid of belly fat, male boobs, love handles, and so on. The in-app purchases are of the range 400 to 3550 rupees.

Lose Weight App for Men Weight Loss in 30 Days min

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Six Pack in 30 Days – Abs Workout

First of all, I know that six-pack in thirty days is a not at all feasible for all people, it can be achieved by those whose body is in the right shape no doubt, so if your body is in the right shape, then you can no doubt you can make it, but if you happen to be a normal or overweight or an obese guy, then you will not be able to do so, but wait, you will no doubt develop a huge change in your body if you follow it in a systematic manner with full passion.

This best gymming Android app comprises workout sessions ranging of little duration each and everyday and yes all those sessions target to get rid of the excess fat that is stopping you to flaunt your six-pack abs with pride. It will remind you of your daily targets and it comes packed with all the essential warmup sessions before your main workout, and once you are done with the warmups, the main film starts, you can always customize the difficulty levels that are best suited for you. If you are worried about the in-app purchases, it is 420 rupees.

Six Pack in 30 Days Abs Workout min

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Pro Gym Workout (Gym Workouts and Fitness)

It is somewhat like a gym in your pocket as it will guide you with almost all the workouts related to your body. You can set reminders for yourself and then perform a particular workout session on a particular day. Like for example, you can do the abs workout on Monday, then Triceps on Tuesday, Biceps on Wednesday, and so on.

It has got all the important and common workouts, including – Legs, Shoulder, Back, Cardio, and a lot more. It comes loaded with many difficulty levels, so you can choose the best level for you. It also showcases your target and also how far you are from achieving it, and so you can always motivate yourself and stick in the field in order to accomplish your goal. Moreover, if you wish to buy a premium pack then you will have to shell off 10 to 2000 rupees for the in-app purchases.

Pro Gym Workout Gym Workouts and Fitness min

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30 Day Fitness Challenge – Workout at Home

One of the most popular and used Hoem Workout Android apps is here and yes you can try it out. It helps you to achieve most of your goals, but yes, most people wish to burn the unwanted excess fat here, just as usual. It comes loaded with many challenges, like – 30-day abs challenge, full-body challenge, butt challenge, and so on.

You can choose your challenge as per your wish and then begin your journey with this app, and if you follow it with full mind and heart, then you will notice some positive changes in your body. Furthermore, it analyses all your hard work and then displays the report card in front of you. If in-app purchases are bothering you, then they are of the range 820 to 6600 rupees.

30 Day Fitness Challenge Workout at Home min

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Fitness and Bodybuilding

It acts as a good guide of yours for your journey from beginner to advanced. You will get the proper instructions and step by step guidance for each and every workout. Not only this, but it also comes loaded with many videos so that you can watch all the videos before performing them. All the workouts are properly arranged in it and you need not worry regarding anything, all you need to do is give your best and perform all the workouts with full swagger. After each and every workout session, you will get the report card of all that you have done, you can point out all your shortcomings, your strength and weakness, and a lot more. If you are thinking about the in-app purchases, well, they range from 65 to 5100 rupees.

Fitness and Bodybuilding min

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7 Minutes Workout

One more player on our list, let us check it out. If you also want to burn belly fat or build some muscles, or simply want to transform your round shaped belly into a flat one, and yes you also happen to be ready to put in all the efforts required for the same, then this app is going to help you a lot.

One of the most exciting things about this tool is that the workout sessions are so arranged that they will last for just seven minutes. This seven minutes will indeed be very productive for you as they consist of twelve exercises and have short breaks in between and you need to finish them all in time, yes, no doubt, it is a vigorous workout plan. You will have to shell off 120 to 133 rupees for all the in-app purchases.

7 Minutes Workout min

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Lose Belly Fat at Home – Lose Weight Flat Stomach

Just as the name suggests, this app is designed specially keeping in mind all the people who want to lose belly fat, as it is perhaps one of the most sought out categories of fitness freaks. It consists of many exercises that will help you in your quest, including – Mountain Climber, Russian Twist, Reverse Crunches, Push-Ups, Plank, Cardio, and much more. You can track your time to time progress and then overcome all your shortcomings. One of the most awesome things about this app is that it has got no in-app purchases, and is absolutely free.

Lose Belly Fat at Home Lose Weight Flat Stomach min

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Arm Workout – Biceps Exercise

Almost all of you will agree with me to the point that most of the men want to impress others with their big biceps, so, yes big biceps are just something that almost every man dreams of. If you are also one of those men, then thankfully, this app is here for your aid. This app also has many praiseworthy features to its anime, like – the workout sessions are only ten minutes and you need not any external equipment to perform these exercises, and both these things are indeed a thumbs up feature. It has difficulty levels of three levels from beginner, intermediate, and pro.

You can follow the 30 days workout session and each and every day you need to take out only ten minutes of your life, but be prepared 5o push yourself to the extreme limits in those ten minutes. Building biceps without any external equipment and that too at the comforts of your home, what else do you want? And yes, if in-app purchases are revolving in your thoughts, then let me clear it out that they are nill, as this app is completely free.

Arm Workout Biceps Exercise min

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Thus, these are the ten best apps that can help you to remain fit and healthy at home. Most of the apps listed above in this article do not require any equipment as all the exercises can be performed free handed. So, as of now, I hope that you might have highlighted your favorite app, all you need to do is head to the play store and grab it and then start the show.