Qualcomm introduces second-generation 802.11ay Wi-Fi chip: 10Gbps

Qualcomm on October 16, announced that it will launch a new generation of Wi-Fi chips, QCA64x8 for basic network facilities, fixed wireless devices and QCA64x1 for mobile products. The former is the first to launch QCA6438/QCA6428, the latter is the first to issue QCA6421 and QCA6431…

This generation of Wi-Fi chips is based on the 802.11ay specification and is not part of the IEEE’s orthodox sixth-generation Wi-Fi 802.11ax family, but the evolution of the first generation of 60GHz Wi-Fi 802.11ad (also known as WiGig).

At present, Snapdragon 835/845 platform (such as ASUS ROG game mobile phone), some notebooks, HTC Vive wireless package, and other support 802.11ad standard, through the deployment of radio waves in the 60GHz ultra-high frequency band, to achieve short-distance big data stream transmission.

The new 802.11ay can reach 10Gbps( 5G Speed), the transmission range is also increased from 10m to 100m, and the delay is comparable to wired. Qualcomm even said that they will advance the network speed category of the 5G era in the Wi-Fi wireless LAN scenario, which can benefit the Internet of Things, 4K video, Wi-Fi sensing, mixed reality, wireless projection, and other fields.

Currently, Facebook has announced plans to deploy products based on the QCA6438 and QCA6428 chip platforms, while QCA64x8 and QCA64x1 are also announced to ship today.