Quantum Hi-Tech QHM636 USB Mini Speaker Launched at the priced of Rs. 540

The Quantum Hi-Tech QHM636 is a budget speaker which offers by the company at very basic price INR 540 around $8.49 (USD). The QHMP is an Indian brand playing in consumer electronics sector. It’s latest QHM636 USB Mini speaker housed in a wooden casing and designed to give a vintage appearance with modern technology.

According to the Quantum, the wooden housing helps in improving the overall sound quality and lets users experience the impeccable bassy lows and sharp highs. The front of the speaker is in a glossy finish with the padded feet for a scratch-free surface.

Quantum Hi-Tech QHM636 USB Mini Speaker

The company also stated that the speaker QHM636 is using an acoustic air spring technology, which produces crystal clear audio. It delivers a vibrant sound and deep bass reverberation that ensures the bass, highs, mids, and treble is produced incredibly.

Furthermore, the installation of the QHM636 is easy and simple to control. One can use it anywhere and everywhere with the notebook or PC. All you got to do is, insert the USB plug to a PC/Notebook and the 3.5mm audio plug into music playback device.

QHM636 USB Mini Speaker

Available in lively colors, Wooden Black, Wooden Red, Wooden Magenta and Wooden Cream, the product is available with leading retail and Online stores across India.