XPG Precog Gaming headset Review: Supports almost every device

Xtreme Performance Gear (XPG) is a brand of ADATA Technology that produces high-performance PC hardware. It dedicatedly deals in gaming products such as Pc systems, SSDs, PC components, Keyboard & Mouse, and Audio. The XPG line is characterized by advanced technical properties and impresses with slim and ergonomic designs that have received prestigious awards worldwide – including the Japanese Good Design Award. In XPG’s audio category currently, they have for the offering, are XPG PRECOG ANALOG,  XPG PRECOG, EMIX H30 SE, EMIX H20, EMIX I30, and SOLOX F30+EMIX H30. These are meant to cater to the demands of gamers from mid-range to high-end headsets, however, here today we have premium XPG PRECOG to review. This audio product comes with dual-driver technology, an integrated USB sound card including 7.1 surround sound, and a detachable microphone with ENC (Electronic Noise Cancellation) function.

Official XPG Precog headset Specification

Headset General

Color: Black
Headset Weight: 362g
Dimensions(LxWxH): 69 x 237 x 198mm
Interface: USB type C / 3.5mm
Audio Modes: Music mode / Virtual 7.1 mode / FPS mode
Lighting Effect: Red LED
Type-C Wired Controller Cable Length: 1.3m
3.5mm In-Line Wired Controller Cable Length: 1.25m
Type A to C Cable Length: 1.25m
Y-cable Splitter Cable Length: 1.36m

Technical Information

Drivers: Electrostatic/dynamic dual-drivers
Frequency Response: 5 Hz – 50,000 Hz
Impedance: 32Ω±15%
Sensitivity: 102±3dB/mW@1KHz


Noise Canceling Technology: ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation)
Mic Directivity: Unidirectional
Mic Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20,000 Hz
Mic Sensitivity: -38db±1.5db


Accessories: Carrying case
Type-C wired controller w/ DSP sound card
3.5mm In-line wired Controller
Type A to C Cable
Y-cable splitter


Warranty: 2 years


XPG Precog Design

When it comes to buying premium headsets obviously the design does matter. Not me, but anyone who is going to unbox the XPG Precog first time he will defiantly be surprised. Because it does not only built very well but also packaged to give a next-level look. At first sight, I thought it is a small briefcase.  

The XPG PreCord headset comes in a high-quality carrying bag which when opened has a headset-shaped groove to hold the headphone along with pockets to keep safe other accessories. 

XPG Precorg headset review for gaming

The all back colored headset with red lighting on both sides of the headphones measures 69 x 237 x 198mm (LxWxH), offers clean craftsmanship and branding of XPG. Apart from these tints, the auricles that are held in place by metal brackets are painted in grey chromium shiny finish. These brackets sit on robust transition pieces and can be turned in both directions. This gives the users a wide range of adjustment as per the head and above all a very comfortable synthetic leather padding with memory foam.  

IMG 20201109 121050 min Front side Precorg min brackets joints min

If we talk about the bracket, it is meant of two rubber-covered metal struts that look good but other competitors in this segment mostly rely on the metal band. However, most of the headset is of sturdy plastic, in fact, the suspension of the auricles is of plastic as well that is something, doesn’t look great in the picture because in this price range most of the headset manufacturers offer metal one.

Furthermore, also it doesn’t look good to see the cable in the transition between the brackets and the ear cups that briefly led outside, thus the risk of damage would be there with such a massive headset and flexible earcups. I hope it should be hidden within the structure. 

bracket wire min

One key element which surely a gamer will like on the headset is the LED lighting on the ear cups, especially in the dark. However, there should be multiple color options so that gamers could adjust them as per their choice. Well, the LED lighting can be switched on and off via the remote control.

XPG Precorg Headset LED min XPG LED precog headset for gaming review LED light in Dark headphones min

The XPG Precog offers a couple of cables which makes the headset more handy and compatible than just a shinning product. There is a cable for almost every occasion, which makes ensure that I wouldn’t run into some connectivity problem while switching back and forth between all my systems whether it is a gaming console, smartphone, or PC/laptop. 

cables of XPG precorg

You will get two sides 3.5mm cable with standard remote control, USB Type-C Control box w/DSP Sound card; 3.5mm Y-cable splitter for PCs & laptops; Type-A-to-C cable for using USB TYP-C cable with the remote box in systems such as gaming consoles, PCs or laptops that don’t have dedicated USB TYP-c Port.

For example, I have Google Pixel on which I can use the XPG Precog with USB Type-C cable but when it comes to using the same on my PC that doesn’t have Type-C port, the Type A to C cable will come in handy.  All controls are operatable via the wired remote control.

Y cable min 3.5mm audio cable min analoge remote control min IMG 20201109 120641 min USB digital Remote box min

Apart from all this one removable microphone with a pop filter will also be in the PreCog box that can be plugged-in on the left side earcup of the headset. It has a relatively thin plastic arm that is very flexible and easy to adjust so that the microphone can be set correctly.

XPG Precorg Microphone

Coming to ports, all the available ones are on the left ear cup- 3.5mm input, USB Type-C, and Microphone. 

Ear cup ports min


Thanks to the comfortable ear cushions, the headset is ideal for long playing times. Even after more than three hours, we could not notice any significant pain in the ears. The high contact pressure ensures that the headset is absolutely secure, even with rapid head movements. The headset gets another plus point for the adjustable headband, which underlines the comfort. However, if you are living in a humid or hot area then for sure the synthetic leather cover quickly makes your ears sweaty and also makes you feel discomfort.

The cups pads are rotatable, which can be adjusted as per the ear shape. 

PreCorg headset earcups min

Remote Control

The main USB Type-C cable remote contains the sound processor to control certain functions of the headsets such as the user can switch between 7.1 surround sound, FPS, and Music modes. However, the switch seems economical and tactile feedback was not good at all. For volume, there is a large wheel, and pressing the same can deactivate the microphone. On the sides, one can find the switches for activating and deactivating the LED lighting and noise suppression.

Volume control wheel for Precog min LED turn on or off min Noise cancellation button min

One thing I wish to have on the headset is the availability of Bluetooth that would eliminate the usage of cables all the time, however, that would ultimately increase the weight of the headset. So, it is absolutely fine as it is, as a wired headset.

Overall, the design is good with slight ups and downs, already mentioned above, however, the thing which really intrigued is the accessories come with it.   

Technology and Performance 

With the Precog, XPG relies on modern dual-driver technology in which an electrostatic and a dynamic driver are used. Basically, it uses a hybrid system consisting of dual transducers that act electrostatically and dynamically. It means the headset will be able to produce clean separate higher and lower frequencies while avoiding distortion.

The frequency range it covers is between 5 Hz to 50 kHz and the ability of a human to hear is also the same. Thus, if some manufacturer claims beyond that, is just effective for advertising. Furthermore, the headset is also certified for Hi-Res audio which technically means it can easily reproduce the original studio quality with clarity and depth.  

As far as the built-in switches are concerned, the ENC mode is one to look at, which filters out ambient noise from the microphone. So if someone is making noise in your room in the background, then your team while gaming will ideally not notice it significantly.

The FPS mode emphasizes above all the highs and turns off the lows, while the mids are regulated down very strongly. So, you will be able to perceive steps in first-person shooters much more easily.

In music mode, which is the only one that delivers pure two-channel sound, the playback appears airy and the stereo image is very broad. However, the dynamics are missing across the spectrum. That’s why one would prefer to listen to music in 7.1 sound mode to identify a much wider range of beats, yet, I think a good bass foundation should be there.

The Precog perhaps good to listeners those wants good treble, clear vocals, a balanced sound image and they definitely could get their money’s worth with the headset. Moreover, the headset feels much more comfortable when playing than when listening to music. 

Also, the XPG should supply some software so that the user could customize and take much out of the headset instead of just sticking to three preset audio that even can only be used on a USB remote controller.


Indeed the audio recording was clear and loud, even ENC did its job and filtered the disturbance to great length however, it keeps reappear abruptly and muffled the audio, basically, it also depends on what kind of noise is around. The pop filter can keep out background noises without negatively affecting the voice reproduction.

One thing which I faced initially was an audio beep in the background while recording in USB mode, which is annoying, however, after changing the PC USB port it was not there anymore. Well, this problem was not in the analog mode.  

The beep can be heard clearly in the following recordings. 

Recording in normal mode

With ENC Mode

Normal USB mode recording while stroking a keyboard keys

Now the same with ENC


Overall, acoustically, you can look forward to clear highs and dynamic bass that of course need some improvement. Only the midrange is a bit lost. You quickly notice that the Precog was designed for gamers and action games.


The XPG PreCog is available on Amazon at 9,99 which is not a hefty toll for acceptable good sound & bass, nice design, and extensive range of accessories (cables) coming with it. I really like the ability and independence it given to me to use the headset with multiple devices. However, you cannot ignore the lack of adjustment software to tune the 3 sound modes, beep in USB mode while using a microphone, and need for some improvement in bass.


  • Nice Design 
  • Electrostatic and dynamic drivers
  • Good Sound 
  • High-frequency response
  • Carry bag
  • An extensive range of cables added support to many source devices including smartphone and gaming consoles.
  • USB-A to C adapter
  • Detachable Mic with pop filter
  • Voice quality (including ENC function)
  • Wired remote control with all user control options


  • Plastic band 
  • Beep in USB mode for Mic 
  • No software to customize audio
  • Only one LED color 



XPG PreCog Ratings ₹9,999
  • 7.5/10
    Design - 7.5/10
  • 10/10
    Connectivity - 10/10
  • 8/10
    Sound - 8/10
  • 7.5/10
    Microphone - 7.5/10
  • 7/10
    Price - 7/10


The XPG PreCog is available on Amazon at 9,99 which is not a hefty toll for acceptable good sound & bass, nice design, and extensive range of accessories (cables) coming with it.  

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