Sony released PlayStation Classic with 20 Pre-Loaded classic games at $99.99

Today, Sony on the PlayStation blog announced the release of PlayStation Classic mini game console. The appearance of the PlayStation Classic is dedicated to the 24th anniversary of the PlayStation.

According to the PlayStation blog the PlayStation Classic has built 20 PS1 classic games, including Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash (), Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3 (Tekken 3). Wild Arms, etc.

The same thing was done recently by the Nintendo by NES Classic mini compact red and white machine. The NES mini, which is equipped with 30 classic games and sold for only $60.

The PlayStation Classic is 45% smaller than the PS1 , with two handles (without rocker), HDMI support , and external USB power. The look and feel of PS1 classic depict or emulate the exactly old one to make people nostalgic.Sony released PS Classic small console preset 20 original PS games, $100

Each unit comes with the HDMI, USB cable, and two controllers for local multiplayer inside the box but AC adaptor you need to purchase separately.

Sony PlayStation Classic

The host on sale December 3 , regions, including North America, Japan, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, for $ 99.99. BestBuy has opened pre-order. Sony said it will announce the rest of the game lineup before the release.

According to the data, the original PlayStation was released in 1994. At that time, the competing product was Nintendo 64. The former was also the first game platform with a sales volume of over 100 million units.