Fasting or adequate hunger helps in controlling the human aging process

Who doesn’t wants to be young and beautiful throughout the life at least most of the time? Merely no one. But what happens when somebody says to you that adequate hunger would be a key for that. You might believe, isn’t.

In Hindu Dharma, the fasting has a really prominent place in the religion to make God happy. But if you see it through scientific eyes, you will see most of the elements like ringing a bell in a temple, Tilika on the forehead, Chanting Mantras, Fasting and more, have nothing to do with God or religion. It just a way, how the ancient Indian sage or scientist amalgamated these things with religion or God to put good habits in people. For example, Fasting which is a common tradition or ritual in Hindu, it is not to jovial the God rather than it is for his/her own body.

In the context of the same recently, a study was published that claims that if you want to slow down your aging a little, especially those are still young, it is necessary to maintain a proper hunger.

A study by Dr. Ming-Hui Zou, a Vice president for research at Georgia State University, found that in a study of vascular aging, a molecule produced when food intake was low (β-hydroxybutyrate: a keto group produced by the liver) can slow the aging of cells in the vascular system.

When people start becoming older different vessels supply different fluids to different organs are very sensitive and start damaging because of vascular aging effect. And this study focused on how to prevent vascular aging.

At present, scientists keep trying to explore the relationship between the less calorie intake (less eating or fasting) and aging, yet, have not fully proved that hunger can certainly delay aging; but many studies have proved that hunger is definitely helpful for delaying aging. The findings are published in the journal called Molecular Cell, the research link given at the end of the article.

β-hydroxybutyrate upregulates Oct4 expression via interacting with hnRNP A1
β-hydroxybutyrate upregulates Oct4 expression via interacting with hnRNP A1

This research is good news for humans because scientists are already preparing to extract the molecules of beta-hydroxybutyrate, and then see if they can think of making similar molecules so that humans can slow down aging.

The biggest problem at present is that it is not known whether this concentration of molecules will decrease the progress of aging or not. After all, no one wants to empty stomach for very long until he/she not going to get any benefits.

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