Soon 10-Minutes Reels: Instagram’s New Feature for Content Creators

Instagram is one of the most popular and widely used apps today! Initially what started off as a photo-sharing app has now become another prime video-sharing platform for social media users. When Instagram Reels was first introduced three years back, it took the internet by storm. It was Meta’s challenging move keeping TikTok in mind, which is a famous platform for sharing similar kinds of content!

The 15-second video-sharing format has been upgraded several times over the span of three years. Today, it allows creators to share their videos of up to 90 seconds on Instagram Reels along with a few editing features within.

And now, as per the latest details, Instagram is also planning to introduce a feature that will allow users to create Instagram Reels of almost 10 minutes long. Yes! You heard that right! Meta has been internally experimenting with the said feature which is again, being worked upon by keeping in mind rivals like TikTok and X.

Last year in February 2022, TikTok also brought the 10-minute-long video-sharing feature while Elon Musk also introduced a 10-minute-long video-sharing video feature for Twitter Blue users in December 2022 and now Instagram.

The feature was first discovered and revealed by mobile developer and engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, who took to Twitter/ X to post the internal prototype snippets of the same. The company is not testing the feature externally in open beta yet but only internally.

Meta confirmed the news and leaked screenshots of the new feature but said that those snippets were from internal testing only. The company, however, did not comment on if or when they are planning to release the feature. But looking at the huge demand and the potential this feature has in the market, it is anticipated that Instagram will soon be launching the feature for users if everything goes right.

The feature will prove to be highly beneficial, flexible, and convenient for the users, especially for content creators who presently have to create and divide their content videos into multiple parts. Tutorials, educational videos, cooking videos, and fiction series are some of the common content that is found on Instagram Reels, in part, due to the limited time duration on Reels. The feature will also prove to be convenient for users who struggle to find the second and third parts of such videos.

Along with that, this long-form video feature will help the creators increase their reach and engagement by creating more elaborate and comprehensive content in one video.

A 10-minute-long video feature, if introduced, will also pose competition to the leading video-sharing platform YouTube as well which is currently experimenting with its Shorts feature. Youtube had introduced Shorts which is a maximum 60-second duration video sharing feature within Youtube, much similar to Reels and TikTok, and has recently also launched new features enhancing the user experience!

Instagram has been testing several other features as well for the users. It recently introduced the add music feature for the carousel posts (which have multiple images/videos in a single post) which was earlier only available for the single image post. The company is said to be working on a new feature that will allow people to share the comments on their posts straight to their stories.