Special Insurance Plan for the encouragement of Female Car Drivers

Women are gaining momentum as compared to men in every walk of life, not only in politics, business, office, education, sports but also have overtaken men on the fast lane as well. The car has not been the symbol of masculinity anymore.

However, even now women are stereotyped to be bad drivers as compared to men; however, research shows some other results.

Special Insurance Plan for the encouragement of Female Car Drivers
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The Times of India quotes a study undertaken by the Delhi traffic police, which says that the women are more likely to drive within speed limits and be careful at turns and intersections. The joint commissioner (traffic) Garima Bhatnagar, once mentioned in a talk that “Out of the 26 lakh challans issued for traffic violations in the national capital, only 600 were issued to women. Thus, women were simply more careful than men when driving”.

Also, out of the 1,39,471 drivers caught for speeding, only 517 were women, and there were only 44 women amongst the 1,67,867 drivers booked for jumping signals.

In addition to this, as per the New York City Traffic Study, 80% of all automobile accidents that kill or injure pedestrians involve male drivers and also a study by Quality Planning, an insurance statistics company, shows that female drivers were 27% less likely to be found at fault when involved in an accident.

From the statistics, it is straight forward and pretty clear that women are indeed safe drivers as compared to men. As we evolve towards gender equality, it is the high time we start acknowledging their driving prowess as well.

One such motivation for women driver is initiated by Kotak Mahindra General Insurance which has launched a social campaign ‘Drive Like A Lady’ on the occasion of International Women’s Day this year. Under this plan, the company is offering special premium rates for female policyholders on Car Insurance.

But women, who take the driver’s seat often fear that what if their car breaks down at the odd hours? Considering the burgeoning issue of women safety, insurance companies have come up with various plans for its improvements. Providing hotel accommodation, car towing and cab facility could be some of the other benefits provided by several insurance companies. These plans for women that offer additional features ensure safe rides even during the odd hours and are an ideal option for a late hour working women. Women must look out for these features before buying a car insurance plan and must assure complete safety and convenience.

For instance, Harsha is a 36-year old who works as a Marketing Executive, she has to justify the dynamic presence to meet clients or deliver as per deadlines. This might require travelling for hours; a four-wheeler could be the best option for her personal mobility and is a viable option to commute from place to place. Also, women like to travel in groups or with children so a car is apt for them.

Opting for a Car Insurance can even act as an immediate rescue at the need of hours in the late night. Most of the car insurance players offer versatile products that can ensure car repair and immediate support 24*7. Hence, it is very important to understand a few technicalities and other benefits of a good car insurance policy before buying one.

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