The latest WhatsApp features for a better experience of group chat. Find all of them out here

You might or might not be a netizen. But you must have heard of WhatsApp. Yes, it is the most popular messaging app on the planet. With time, new features hit WhatsApp regularly. But new updates do not come to WhatsApp with every update. Recently WhatsApp introduced a new set of features. The features are associated with group chats and are quite fun. The new features can rejuvenate the way you can chat with a group. You might have already got the features. But if not, just update your app. Also, try becoming a Beta tester today!

latest WhatsApp features for a better experience of group chat

A few months ago, WhatsApp introduced the new payment feature. It became quite handy for a huge class of users. And now, if you do a lot of group chat, but look for some more features, the wait is over. Without further delay, let’s find out the top WhatsApp features.

More power to group admins

Overwhelmed by every group member changing the group name and photo! Those days are gone. Now the admin can give the permission to change group name and photo only to certain users. That’s pretty handy. It will even keep away pesky notifications about name and photo change.

Group descriptions rejuvenated

One thing I like about Facebook is the availability of the group details. It also shows a lot of information about the topic and the guidelines of the chat. Whoa! This feature is now available on WhatsApp groups. Now the guidelines and the topics of a group chat will be available in WhatsApp. A new group participant can even get the guidelines at the beginning of the chat. Now, no longer irrelevant topics in your group chat.

Searching for group members turned easier

Are there more than 100 users in your group! Scrolling down isn’t letting you find your favorite member! Now, it is easy to search for the members in a group chat. Just use the search option in the ‘Group Info’ page to find a member. Just enter the member name to start searching.

No longer repeated additions after removing from the group

Do you have that irritating friend who adds you to the group ‘Gossip’ after quitting! Does it happen several times! Now WhatsApp will do the advocacy for you. There is now a protection feature for the users. It will prevent you from getting added to the group after quitting several times.

Even more admin rights

Now the group admin can take numerous decisions. They can now stop users from removing other users from the group. Moreover, the group creator can now no longer be removed out of the group.

New ‘@’ to get previous messages

Are you a popular member of a group chat! Kudos! The new ‘@’ feature is there for you and other users. With @, you can see the old messages addressed to you. It can also be used to see the messages, given as a reply to you. You can avail this option from the bottom right corner in a chat.

Whether you are using an Apple or an Android device doesn’t matter. You can get access to all the features mentioned here. These features can also keep away spam content from your group. Thank WhatsApp later, and enjoy the features now.

Hope the information will make your WhatsApp group chat experience better! Which one is going to be your favorite feature? Let me know about it in the comment section down below.