The new Favorites feature for Google Photos to be rolled out soon

We all love Google Photos. At least I do. There isn’t any reason to not like it. Free photo backups. That’s indeed great for everybody. Photos from your camera roll, GIFs, WhatsApp images and everything else in one place. Who would say it is bad! And yes! Everything will be available on multiple devices.

The new Favorites feature for Google Photos to be rolled out soon

On Google Photos you can find everything that are backed up. Yes, it also backs up the useless things. Those useless good morning messages. I am sure you can relate. It’s frustrating when you can’t find an important photo in the midst of those useless trash. But Google is now rolling out a new feature. A new feature solely to keep away this hassle. Now you can mark photos, which matter to your life as Favorite. That’s a cool feature. Just cruise through the ‘Favorites’. You will find the best moments in your life.

But when will you get the feature? Google says it will available to you shortly. You have waited long. Just wait for a few more days and you can enjoy the feature. The feature will be simple to use. Open the photo. Click on the ‘Star’ image on the top right corner. It will move to the ‘Favorites’. A new ‘Favorites’ album will be created once you start starring images. Nothing complicated in it.

In the I/O, Google has already made some announcements for Google Photos. A few of them were, colorizing photos and quick edits. They have already been rolled out. Hope the new ‘Favorites’ feature will be everybody’s favorite. I will recommend you to keep Google Photos updated. At least if you want to get the feature soon.

New features are added, but I wish Google Photos had another option. I wish photos from a folder was uploaded to an album with the folder name. I don’t know whether Google is reading this. But this is my suggestion for getting an even better Google Photos.
I am sure the feature will be liked by you. What other features do you want from Google Photos? Let me know in the comment section below.