The top 5 WhatsApp features to make WhatsApp a better messaging app. Check them out here

WhatsApp has been launching new features back to back. Yes, I have covered some new features on WhatsApp a few days back. Though, those features were meant for group chats. But, now, WhatsApp will offer even more features. You might not avail the features right now, but you can get hands on them, within the next few days. Availability of the new features back to back is actually making it difficult for its competitors to take over the market. So what are the new features, you can get? Let’s start finding them.

top 5 WhatsApp features

Instant linking with Facebook

Now it will be hassle-free for you to share contents directly from Facebook. There will be a new ‘Send to Whatsapp option’. It will directly send the link or the contents to WhatsApp from the Facebook app. You will no longer have to use the ‘Share’ feature, followed by WhatsApp to send the contents. This feature is only available to certain Beta users at present. The other users can expect the update in the next few days.

Click to Chat

Sometimes we need to communicate with a person on WhatsApp only once. But it is a cumbersome process to initiate the conversation. We need to save their number first and then communicate. WhatsApp addressed this issue. Now you will no longer need to save the number of the person for one-time communication. Haven’t got the feature yet? You can see this tutorial here.

Group audio calls

The group video call feature for WhatsApp is now available for most users. But, the group audio calls feature is now available for iOS users. It will also be available for the Android users shortly. The feature is pretty similar to conference calls over a mobile network. Multiple users can participate in a single call. Though the maximum number of users, who can use the feature at the same time is yet unknown.

Media visibility feature

Have you ever felt annoyed with the ‘Good Morning’ photos within the Gallery! I know how irritating it is! Now you can set the visibility of WhatsApp images in the gallery. The feature is now available for Beta users. No longer cruising through unwanted photos to find the one you need. The media visibility feature is already available for iOS users.

Requesting account information

We all know about the Facebook data breach scandal. It is after that, most users are paying importance to, what the online services know about them. Now you can at least know, what WhatsApp knows about you. You can request to get the information, which is known about you, to WhatsApp. The account information once obtained, can also be shared. It will take some days for WhatsApp to generate the report, and will be available for download for a few weeks. This will be a pretty handy feature.

These were the 5 WhatsApp features, which you should know about. I am sure, it will make your life simpler. Yes, as far as WhatsApp is concerned. Which one is your favorite feature? What is the feature which you still need on WhatsApp? Let me know about it in the comment section down below.