UBON launches Soundbar “SP-45” priced at Rs 3599

UBON recently has announced SP-45 Soundbar with virtual surround sound in 2.0 configuration capabilities.

UBON SP- 45 Soundbar has two speakers and a subwoofer that can be powered by the inbuilt battery for up to 4 hours, claimed by UBON. Furthermore, it supports Radio, TF Card, USB, AUX and Bluetooth as well. UBON’s SP-45 soundbar comes with a built-in microphone to receive calls & incorporates Li-on battery. In addition to this, the soundbar comes with an external phone holder placed right at the top of the speaker that allows one to place the phone on the speaker without any worry.

The product uses the latest technology like “intelligent chip control” which prevents overheating and promotes stabilise charging.  Given its compact design, the UBON SP 45 can be easily carried anywhere. The soundbar is completely wireless with a frequency range of 20Hz~25KHz.

UBON SP- 45 Soundbar 1

UBON SP- 45 Soundbar