UFC 4 of EA Sports brand new career mode trailer is out with details on upgrades in the section

A fresh career mode trailer of the upcoming game in the MMA genre is now available to get some knowledge about the improvements in the game from the previous installment.

Like the legendary and official ring announcer of UFC Bruce Buffer says before every main event of the evening that “its time” to know the further details of the game after the new trailer on career mode. As we already have seen the official trailer of the UFC 4 game couple of days ago with much excitement, this new trailer is focused on the career mode part of it.

The trailer revealed by EA especially for the users of the Xbox One and PS4 platforms to get the smell of the career mode in the game which might revolutionize the game for the betterment of the franchise. It unfolded many updates with new and improved features that will surely elevate the gaming experience of the gamers. This time the career mode will not disappoint you during the gaming hours and you can play an important role in the rise and fall of the player during the career mode journey.

The first thing any player does at the start of the career mode is learning the skills to fight to utilize the opportunities given in front of us. Before this edition sometimes it was a confusing and frustrating thing to do for a player. To support and coach the player from the very beginning you will first meet the character in the mode in the form of Coach Davis in the UFC 4 game. After that, the player can learn various things from the coach like discipline, tactics, different fighting movements, and style on different genres like wrestling, kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, etc. Even you will be able to fight in the gym with a player to polish the specific skills you would learn there.

To address the Coach Davis character the creative director Brian Hayes said:

“One of the reasons why we added Coach Davis is because he takes you through the fundamentals in a much more measured [way],” he also added “as opposed to trying to create a five-minute opening experience where we show you a hype video and then give you some pop-ups during gameplay to try and teach you all the myriad of controls involved with an MMA game, we decided to make the opening experience the introduction of Coach Davis, you jumping into your amateur career… and then use that experience to be a better onboarding tool to show you boxing, kickboxing, jiu jitsu, and wrestling.”

The more you learn the more your fighter will become a good and updated version of him according to decisions you make in training or in a fight. Your personal choices will be a key factor for the storyline in the game as there is no specific storyline available to play for all the users. Your choices can take you to a different path of the journey.

The particular move sets you would use in the training or in a fight frequently, the moves will become more effective and useful for you. And also you can get rewards for your use of effective moves to spend them on to retain more stamina while applying the move or attribute points. So practice in a particular move or in a certain fighting discipline is the only way to get better at it.

Like the real world in MMA you have to learn nearly every aspect of the game to shine the game. To be the best you have to learn from the best. So, you can invite other fighters or any UFC champion to your camp to train and adapt the skills of those fighters. You will be able to observe the fighters while training with them and take the best technique or habits or fighting style from them which might be useful to you. Moves like grappling, striking, or heavy heats can be learned from the best fighters who know best about doing such moves.

Interacting is another thing that can be used as a tool to build your reputation and reach as a professional UFC fighter. Please your fans through interaction or make a good relationship with the promoters or fighters to take your career to the next level. Even you can use social media to challenge any fighter to a potential bout or tease them to gain his attention. It is up to you how you use the interaction mode to model your persona.

Going into a fight this time you have to research the tapes of your opponents to know the fighting style, best moves of the fighter, and other aspects while preparing for the bout to match the fighter. You will not get any idea about your opponent just looking at the fight contract in this version of the game.

The path of the career mode is very realistic as you start from the amateur level as a fighter. Then the player can step up in the WFA (World Fighting Alliance) and take his skills to another level while shining in the circuit. After that, if you are good enough then you can get a place in the Contender Series which is the place where you can earn the spot to fight in the UFC and become the greatest champion. The choices are very much important in this journey as it will shape your career.

You can be the greatest UFC champion of all time or you can spend your entire career in WFA which will be decided through your decisions. As a fighter in UFC, you can accept or decline any bout but it will eventually impact your reputation and career. The opposition fighter can hamper your reputation or popularity in social media if you decline any bout which may result in some fan backlash. So, if you want to be the best in the business then you should grab every opportunity you get to be the guy.

The producer of the career mode Roman Bassi said:

“We wanted to make character choices matter more this year than in [UFC 3],” and also added “[In UFC 3], a lot of the champions were set in stone and we built a rival story around them. In UFC 4 we wanted to break that open completely.”

The game will release on 14th August worldwide in Xbox One and PS4 platforms. And if you are an EA Access subscriber then you can get it on 7th August 2020. Very little time available from the release of UFC 4 so marks the date if you want to grab it upon release.