Upcoming Nvidia Graphics card in 2019, Rumors & Leaked News

At 2019 we are already amazed at the no. of Nvidia Graphics card available in the market, from low to high there are almost all the price segments are covered by Nvidia already. First, they launched RTX 2080 and 2070 for the most enthusiast users then they came up with mid ranged RTX 2060 and then they also came up with GTX 1660 for the mid-range users which further followed by the launch of GTX 1650 to again grab the entry-level GPU user’s market with a high-end GPU. But there are still rumours looming about some more new GPU in these existing series. Most of you going through this article may have a curiosity about the rumours and future of RTX 2050 and the Nvidia 11 series GPUs. Here is the information which we gathered;


Is there going to be an RTX 2050 release, the answer is YES.

Like every other series, Nvidia ever launched they are going to launch an Entry level card for this GPU series as well. If you are one of those people like me who is waiting to grab the most entry-level card on most elite GPU series then your wait has not been a waste. But, there is some clarification still needed, as the developers have not given clear info about this topic.

But you also should know that Nvidia has not launched any mobile version GPU for laptops in quite a while; as they did in Nvidia 900 series; the GTX 950 was launched for laptop mainly as GTX 950m, can happen again with RTX 2050 too. So, there is a chance Nvidia is going to launch RTX 2050m as a laptop GPU only.


  • Apart from putting our own logic, there is also leaked news about this which lead us to think that RTX 2050 is going to be a lunched as laptop GPU only in very near future, in next couple of months.

Gaming laptop called Dell G5 15 launched on Dell website along with a couple of details in last month. There in the specs, they told their laptop will be featuring with USB-C Thunderbolt* Display Port. Now, this launched G5 15 already using RTX 2060, but Dell also claimed that another model of this Laptop is not going to be an RTX 2060 based product, so there is a great chance that Dell and Nvidia are working together to launch a laptop with the RTX/GTX 2050, as it is going to be one of the latest gaming laptops there must be one of the best GPU in use, and there is no other explanation in this case other than RTX/GTX 2050.

Nvidia also had code-named there 20 series GPU, with the name of N18E-G1, N18E-G2, N18E-G3 and these GPUs are RTX 2060, 2070 and 2080 respectively. There is also one code-name in the line which is N18E-G0 which is also described as a 20 series mobility GPU and there is no more GPU launched with this code-name yet, so yes this would be going to be one Nvidia 20 series laptop GPU for sure. Hope the Nvidia or the Dell is going to uncover this ministry soon.

There are also some rumours and speculations about the upcoming Nvidia 11 series GPUs line. After the success of GTX 1080 and 1080 TI expecting so is very natural though. But Nvidia already has gone with 20 Series GPUs and also, they have launched 16 series GPU now the question remains are they going to release some more GPU for the budget segment users or not.

Now here are the facts, that in 2018 the rumours spread about the Turing architecture, is going to take over the market of existing Pascal architecture (used in GTX 10 Series), which was true. As Nvidia has launched some news while they successfully tested this architecture. At that moment the GTX 10 series was running in the market like a storm, after that in 2019, the RTX 20 series just launched.

In this RTX 2060, 2070, 2080, the Turing architecture has already been used and launched in the market. Even after their success in between enthusiast GPU users, to gain more market hold Nvidia came up with GTX 1660 and GTX 1650 which are also based on Turing Architecture but comes in the much lower price segment.

Summing up the success I would say there is no more chance that Nvidia is going to launch any GTX 11 Series in mainstream GPU lineup. As most of the user already gone for either RTX 20 or GTX 16 series. Even to get hold of the budget segment the price of the GTX 1650 made much lower. So, I would say there is No GTX 11 series going to be launched for the desktop at least.

But there is still a chance as the Turing Architecture has to laptop GPU counterparts, so there is a possibility of GTX 11 series Mobility GPU could happen this year. As Nvidia is also working on their gaming Laptop products, there is yet, a big chance for GTX 11 series.