Vivo all set to bring out a smartphone with four punch-hole cameras

This is perhaps good news for all the photography geeks out there. Punch hole cameras have also become very common nowadays, as a lot of big hunters of the ocean like Samsung and Motorola have already invaded it, and now Vivo is also trying to have this charm. The interesting thing is that the model to be launched by Vivo will feature not just one but four-punch hole camera. 

The placement of the cameras is not yet decided but three predictions are there regarding the same.

The first one is that there would be a punch hole camera on each side of the four corners of the phone’s display.

The second prediction is that the brand will place two punch-hole cameras each on the top side of the display of the phone.

And the third and final prediction is two punch-hole cameras would be placed two each on the backside of the phone. 

Vivo smartphone with four punch-hole cameras design

Furthermore, the phone is expected to feature a triple rear camera with dual flash. The other specs of the phone remain a mystery as of now, but all of the specs are expected to be decent, as it would be mainly a camera oriented smartphone. It would be interesting to wait and see the real specs of the phone in the coming time when it will be launched.

The Chinese tech giant is very popular in India and it is mostly famous for its camera and a lot of youngsters prefer it nowadays. Vivo also happens to be the third-largest smartphone brand in India as of now, and it has also generated record revenue of around 11 thousand crores and all these figures are proof of the trust and belief which the Indian has on it. Also, the revenue and sales of this Chinese hunter are only expected to grow higher and higher.

All we can do as of now is sit with our fingers crossed and wait for the date when this beauty will be launched.