YouTube app now officially available on Amazon Fire TVs

After more than a year of absence, YouTube App is now officially available on Amazon’s Fire TV Stick. It seems that ultimately Amazon and Google have settled down their differences regarding YouTube and Prime Video.

The altercation between the two companies started when a conflict had arisen because of alleged violations of Google’s usage policies. As a result of YouTube had removed its app from all Amazon devices not only from Fire TV products but also from echo speakers Show and Spot equipped with screens. Moreover, Google couldn’t save itself from its repercussion, Amazon, on the other hand, retaliated by blocking the Prime Video streaming platform for Google Chromecast owner; which means no access to stream TV shows, movies, and Amazon Originals.

However, now the scenario has been changed, both companies don’t want to suffer consumers on their personal contentions, thus earlier this year in April, there was an announcement that they are going to put an end at all this. And the same can be seen as Amazon already have announced the return of YouTube on the Fire TV Stick (2nd gen) and the matching 4K version with immediate availability.

In the direction of the same, it is expected that in upcoming months YouTube will also be available on the older Fire TVs of the first to the third generation as well as on the first Fire TV Stick. Later this year, the integration of YouTube Kids will follow. It is yet not confirmed when YouTube will appear on the Echo Show and Echo Spot.

Amazon also allows you to control the YouTube app through voice assistant Alexa and support videos in 4K HDR at up to 60 frames per second.

Furthermore, on the good gesture of Google, the users will now be able to enjoy Amazon Prime videos on the Google Chromecast and TVs with Android TV operating system, including UltraHD playback and the ability to buy and subscribe instant video, series and video channels.