Youtube Music Gets a New Redesign: Check Out All the Deets Here

YouTube Music has finally got a new redesign of the “Now Playing” screen and a new feature addition to the app! The app has introduced a YouTube-like comments section option in the app. The new update will allow users to browse the comments on the original YouTube video directly from the YouTube Music app. Users can read and write new comments right through the YouTube Music app by clicking on the newly added Comments button below the cover art.

When a user clicks on the Comments button, a panel slides up on the screen, similar to the YouTube app where the users can scroll through the existing comments, like or dislike them or even leave their own comments under the song’s official video. The feature gives a more social touch to the YouTube Music app making it more interactive in real time!

Along with the Comments button, there’s also an addition of the Like and Dislike buttons on the left side of the Comments button right below the cover art. Earlier the YouTube Music app’s interface only included share, download, add to playlist, and radio buttons that were hidden by default and could only be accessed by tapping on the cover art.

Youtube Music Gets a New Redesign

However, after the recent redesign update, users can directly access all these buttons along with the comments, like, and dislike buttons placed in a horizontal row under the cover art on the Now Playing screen.

Another notable change in the redesigned Now Playing UI is that the size of the cover art has also gone a bit bigger. Along with that the song title and artist names have been kept aligned to the left. The color of the song/video toggle buttons has also been set to white unlike earlier when the color of the toggle buttons matched the background of the song’s cover image.

The feature was first spotted back in June when it was in the testing phase. And now, the feature has started rolling out globally for both Android and iOS devices starting September 1st, 2023! If you want to be able to access the feature, make sure you have an updated version of the app.

You can also try force-stopping YouTube Music on your Android device and restarting it if the feature remains inaccessible even after updating. If nothing works out, wait for a few days and the feature will be available to your device soon!

Last month, YouTube Music released a live lyrics update which was an excellent add-on for the music buffs who love singing the lyrics of the song while listening to them. The lyrics button is placed right in between the Up Next and Related buttons on the bottom of the Now Playing Screen.

There was also an update that introduced the “Samples” which is a TikTok-like feature available on the home screen of the YouTube Music app. Samples is a short video-based personalized feed for users that showcases the clips of official YouTube videos as well as live videos.

Apart from that, the company is also testing a new feature for YouTube Music which will enable users to search the songs on Youtube Music by simply humming it.