F&D F-203G 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers System review

From watching TV and web shows to playing games and for every other form of entertainment, it is hard to imagine them without speakers. Even most TVs today come with its own speaker, but the output quality of the sound might not impress you every time unless you are paying a significant amount of money on it. However, there are a number of affordable options you can go for, to update the sound quality from your TV, laptop, computer or any other device that comes with a flexible stereo output option, which nowadays is available in almost every device that you pick.

If you are not an audio enthusiast, you don’t need to go for a very high-end speaker. A 2.1 speaker, which basically means there will be a subwoofer along with two channels, left and right, can be the best bet for you. 2.1 speakers are also available at different prices starting from as low as Rs. 500 or even low, and if you’re looking for good bass you can go for a number of affordable options available. As I am not an audio enthusiast, I have chosen the F&D 203G Portable desktop or laptop speaker, which will pretty much work for me to upgrade the sound quality of my laptop, TV, and smartphone. I am using it for almost 1 month now and just like every other time here is a review.

So without any further delay, they started with the box contents, and then I will carry on with the features, pros, and cons and finally the bottom line.

F&D 203G Box contents:

  • One subwoofer
  • Two satellite speakers for the left and right channel
  •  3.5 mm to dual-channel RCA cable
  •  Warranty card and user manual

So there isn’t an overabundance of items that you will get in the box. Pretty much everything that you need is available within the box.

F&D 203G Features:

Now, let’s have a look at the features of the F&D 203G multimedia and easily Portable desktop or laptop speaker. Looking at the price of the speakers, you cannot demand the moon, however, you should know about the features before you finally go for the product.

  • The speaker unit is built from wood and the Satellite Speakers are made from plastic, however, the complete unit gives an elegant look and you can keep it at any part of your room to enjoy great sound quality without destroying the interior designing of your room. 
  • The dimension of the subwoofer is 20x18x15 cm and that of the satellite speakers is 11x8x7.5 cm. The total weight of the complete unit is roughly 2.5 kg. 
  • The RMS power output is 11 watt with 2 Watt maximum per satellite speaker And 7 Watt for the subwoofer. It will consume around 25 Watt if the speaker is set at its full volume and is configured to operate at maximum bass.
  • The frequency response of the product is 20 to 160 Hertz, and as I mentioned at the beginning of the review, it comes with a 2.1 channel configuration.
  • The signal to noise ratio is 65 dB, and the company claims that you can get distortion-free sound output from this device. 
  • The F&D 203G Portable desktop or laptop speaker can play sounds from TV, VCD Player, and laptop computer smartphone and every other device that has support for 2 channel audio output.
  • The speaker unit comes with a built-in OCL amplifier and a 2.5-inch full-range driver for great and distortion-free audio quality even at high volumes.
  • To control the audio output, there is a dedicated volume and bass regulator which can help you get the most appropriate audio output from the speakers.

So that was all about the features of the F&D 203G Portable desktop or laptop speaker that you should know. Looking at the price of the product, I hardly have any complaints about the features of the product.

F&D F-203G 2.1 Speakers review
F&D F-203G 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers System

Setting up the F&D 203G speaker

Just connect the 3.5 mm audio jack to your computer, laptop, and the white and red jacks in the white and red RCA ports behind the subwoofer.

F&D 203G 11 W Review 1
F&D 203G 11 W Review 2

Alternatively, if the output from your gadget is through RCA jacks, just use an RCA to RCA cable instead, which isn’t provided in the box.

Now connect the wires from the satellite speakers in the left and right channels by opening the clips. Behind the subwoofer.

F&D 203G 11 W Review 3

Now turn on the speaker using the switch behind the subwoofer, and you are ready to go.


Now let’s have a look at the pros of the F&D 203G Portable desktop or laptop speaker. Let’s find out the things that I liked about the speakers.

  • The first thing that I would like to talk about is the sound quality which undoubtedly is the thing that most people will initially lookout for. If you are fond of bass, the following subwoofer delivers thumping beats, and you can really feel it. Even if you don’t set the bass to maximum, you will still be satisfied with the beats produced by the subwoofer unit.
  • Talking about the intensity of the sound, it all depends upon the device from where you are getting output or the app or program that you are using for playing your music or video. Even at 30 to 40% volume on the speaker, you can get a pretty loud sound if the volume of the device delivering the output is set moderately high. As I am using the unit with my TV, I usually set the volume of the speaker at 30 to 40% and the volume on my TV is set to 20 out of 100. In this configuration, the speaker is quite audible to me in the same room and I can at least hear something is playing, from the next room. So no complaints about audio intensity.
  • The Satellite Speakers are connected to the subwoofer using clips which means you can easily extend the distance between the subwoofer and the Satellite Speakers by adding some extra set of wires in between the subwoofer and satellite speakers. It is also possible if there were RCA ports for the purpose, but you have to purchase an extra extension port to do that. However, with this set of speakers, you just need four long wires to keep the speaker set any part of your room no matter where you are keeping the subwoofer.
  • As the company promises distortion-free free audio quality, I also didn’t find any kind of distortion even at 70 to 80% volume. However, depending upon which program or app you are using for delivering the output, it is also somewhat responsible for causing distortion. I recommend you to keep the subwoofer on a solid and plane platform if you do not want any distortion at all.
  • If you are not fond of bass, you can even reduce the bass to the minimum or a low value to enjoy a balanced audio output that you are looking for. If you are looking for sound with good bass, you will not need to configure the equalizer settings on your gadget, if the bass on the speaker is set to around 30 to 40% or more, depending upon your likeness.

So that was all about the pros of the F&D 203G Portable desktop or laptop speaker. I will say it offers a very good value for money.


Now let’s have a look at the cons of the F&D 203G Portable desktop or laptop speaker. There aren’t many cons of the speaker, and none of them is a deal-breaker as well, looking at the price point.

  • The F&D 203G Portable desktop or laptop speakers do not come with the treble control knob which is somewhat disappointing. Besides that, the bass control knob is also placed at the back of the subwoofer which doesn’t sim convenient. I wish there was a treble control knob that would have made the product a full-fledged one and the bass control knob was placed in front of the subwoofer just like the big round volume control knob.
  • The 2.5-inch driver, which is connected to the subwoofer is placed below the unit and it is vulnerable to mishandling. There is no protection as well, on the driver which is also something that I don’t like. However, placing protection will likely have an effect on the audio intensity and bass. I wish the main driver was placed in a better position on the subwoofer.

These are the two things that I didn’t like about the F&D 203G Portable desktop or laptop speaker. Frankly speaking, I didn’t find anything else that I dislike at this price range.

Bottom line:

The F&D 203G Portable desktop or laptop speaker is available at around Rs. 1200 and at this price you cannot expect Bluetooth connectivity, remote control, and every other fancy feature. The F&D 203G Portable desktop or laptop speaker is only meant for those who want to upgrade their audio quality for a device, which is already smart but doesn’t come with a good audio output. Be it your laptop, TV, computer, smartphone or any other gadget which don’t come with a decent audio output, F&D 203G Portable desktop or laptop speaker will do the work of upgrading the audio quality. There is no point to not recommend the F&D 203G Portable desktop or laptop speaker unless you looking for some extra set of features or smart functionalities.

So that was all about the F&D 203G portable desktop or laptop speaker Review. Do you have any questions about the speaker or want to add any point? Feel free to comment on the same below.