Letstrack Bike Series – Vehicle GPS Tracker Review

If you have a bike then you always worry about, what happens,  if you give your riding buddy to your friend or brother, how he is going to handle it? Also what happens if your bike gets stolen, where do you go, police station? But they might not able to help you because sometimes in big cities it’s like finding a needle in a stack of straw. However, how its sound, if your bike sends its own location on your Smartphone using the GPS. Yes, this is possible with some latest technology GPS tracking products like Letstrack Bike Series – Vehicle Tracker. We got this product for review and after going through its functions and capability, here are our thoughts…


What is Letstrack bike tracking device?

Letstrack bike tracking device is a GPS tracker that can use in any two wheelers such as MotorCycle, Scooty, Scooter etc. It can directly installed on the bike and use the engine power to get a charge. To track it, you can use the Letstrack GPS tracking app that allows an individual to monitor the bike location. The app is available for both iOS and Android Platform. Besides a Bike tracker, Letstrack also offered tracker for Cars and other vehicles including personal tracker devices.

Features of Letstrack bike tracking

1. Connectivity

The main feature in which any tracking device should be best is the connectivity. It allows an owner or personal bike rider to track the location of an employee or friend who is using it. The Letstrack bike tracker has an inbuilt SIM slot that comes with pre-installed SIM of some third party to get the GPS service for the device. With the help of the app, a person can monitor the real-time location of 2 wheelers. To ensure better connectivity in every location, the Letstrack uses the GSM frequency band of 850/900/ to 1800/1900 MHZ.

2. Battery

The Letstrack can be installed on any bike without any extra power charger. When the ignition ON, it uses the engine’s power while in standby mode or ignition off status it consumes the bike’s battery power to work. Also, it has an inbuilt battery for power backup that keeps the device work for some extra hours in case it unplugged from the bike’s battery.

3. Tracking

If you are an owner of some company and have distributed several bikes to employees for field work then you can track them and know where they are going during official hours. One can also set zone & speed notification alerts and if your bike exceeding any of them you will get an alert.

4. Parking Notification

Parking Notification is a process of sending the stationary location of your device installed on the bike. If anyone by any chance changes the position of your 2 wheelers than this device notifies you.

5. Real-Time Tracking

Track your friends, family, employees as well as colleagues exact location in real-time.

6. 24 Hour History

It is not possible to keep your eye on the tracking device every time, instead of that one can check the 24-hour history of tracking to get a complete view, where your bike been, the whole day.

7. Zone Alerts

Letstrack tracking app enables you to create zones; whenever someone crosses that limited area you will get a notification.

8. Speed Alerts

Set your own speed limits and get alerts whenever it reaches the maximum.

9. Waterproof

With the ability of waterproofing, this device provides much more benefits with its unique features.

Installation of Letstrack in Bike

Letstrack bike version is almost same as the Vehicle’s one. It is a small portable device with several wires that can directly attach to your engine ignition and battery for power. It can also track the engine’s off/On status.

Hide lets track inside near the battery of bike

bike connection of Letstrack

Installation of Letstrack on bike


Letstrack App

For testing this tracking device we used the Letstrack app on Android smartphone. Let’s discuss some core features and benefits of Letstrack those can operate easily on the App.

You can directly get the address of the where the bike parked including the status whether it’s engine is on or off.

Map view of bike parking lot

Bike location

It has zone option that can be set from the Letstrack app. You just need to enter the location & set the condition such as when you should get the alert; on entry or exit of the bike from that particular area for which you have created a zone.

create zone lets track


Even you can chat with friends using the Letstrack app via its own inbuilt chatting application for messaging, sending images, photo with a location, tracking, share the current location and share rides.

friends on letstrackchat letstrack

If you are using multiple Letstrack devices,  still you can track all of them using the single Letstrack application. In the status of the device, you get some valuable information about your vehicles such as whether its ignition is in ON/Off, Speed, Type of vehicle, battery status, Moving Status and current location.

Device details


You can even track the live real time speed and location of your bike.


Letstrack Bike Series real time motorcycle tracking device 1


As I told you in the beginning of this article, if you do not have time to track your bike continuously then you can see the history to get a complete overview of biker ride locations and halts including speed, starting and ending point.

Letstrack Bike Series real time motorcycle tracking device 2Letstrack Bike Series real time


The business owner those have employees in the field using the company’s vehicle can get huge benefits from it. The Letstrack gives complete information about the whole day trip under single page. The information it gives is about Total distance traveled by the rider, Average speed, Maximum speed, Engine On Time, Average Stop Time, Number of Stops, Fuel Consumption, And Total Fuel cost (approx).

Value feature of letstrack


Letstrack Bike tracker Performance and review verdict

We have used it for a week and there was no issue with the performance both in terms of hardware and software wise;  at least in our review unit. For the installation service, the Letstrack will send its own technician; which is free of cost. The price of the Letstrack Bike series is INR 4499 that includes a 1-year subscription. After 1 year you need to purchase the subscription to use it for further. Here are the Plans:


Pack Total Years Plan Worth Daily Cost Average Yearly Cost
1 Year Extra 2 Years 1200 3.3 1200
2 Year Extra 3 Years 2200 3 1100
3 Year Extra 4 Years 3000 2.7 1000
4 Year Extra 5 Years 3750 2.6 937.5

The plans offered by the company are affordable and reasonable. Because of GPS connectivity, the device uses a SIM. And just like the get the service from a SIM present in our phones; we need to pay for Letstrack as well but without spending some huge amount.

Overall, the Letstrack bike tracker works efficiently and tailored nicely to work wonderfully with our two-wheelers. Personally, I like its Ignition status, zone alert and especially the Value feature that gives a complete view of your trips.

For more info, you can visit http://www.letstrack.in/


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