Top 5 Discord bots everyone should have

Discord is undoubtedly the most popular Voice chat application among gamers for seamless voice chat while playing multiplayer games. From amateur gamers to pro-level gamers, even most of the professional live streamers do use Discord as their regular voice chat utility. Discord uses a separate server for voice chat connection, which gives a seamless, lag-free, crisp & clear audio quality while playing the game. In the Discord server, you can also make allow lots of your friends or followers to join to have a good time with them. It also features many other features which allow the user to control over all the aspects of the voice chat,  this app allows to simply mute or deafen any person on the same server or even employs many security measures, so that any unwanted person cannot contact you or spam you. Discord also features text chat servers or channels which are also very useful as a social chatting utility as well as very good to keep updated the whole community about any news and messages.

There are many famous Pro Gamers, Streamers, YouTube personalities out there who have over million peoples in their Discord server; thus managing them in a systematic and automated way, entertaining them in certain ways becomes challenging, in such situation various Bot services come handy. Bots are automated programs managed by some third-party service provider, which manages a couple of aspects in your Voice and Text channel server automatically, to provide you with a more smooth, swift and seamless experience.

Best Discord bots for utility and Moderation

Here in this article, we are about to discuss the best Discord bots with necessary utilities, which everyone should try at least once.

Dank Memer bot

Dank Memer is mainly a meme bot, but it is also considered as a multi-purpose bot, as it consists of more than 260 commands gives the user access over many aspects like Music, Moderation, Image manipulation, Donation, Notification etc. Most of the needs from a Discord server or from a Discord channel can be handled with Dank Memer easily.

Dank Memer discord bot

Why do we use Dank Meme bot?

In the present day’s culture, almost everyone likes Memes and Dank Memer just turns your dreams into Memes. Just by using simple commands anyone can easily create and share memes. Memes are very good for entertaining people especially for the followers, as they will have a good time while enjoying and sharing memes of their favourite personality over the server. Except creating and sharing memes you can also control all other important aspects of the server just by simple commands. Also, the moderation feature allows you to maintain a hassle-free chat room automatically.

Here is the official website for – Dank Memer along with a  link add Dank Memer to your Discord.


Unlike many other bots, Dynobot comes with an intuitive web dashboard which makes it easier to control the aspects. The User-defined Moderation, Anti spamming, Auto-Moderation, Role Management system, Custom Commands all the features out of the box. Dynobot also features a Music bot, which also adds an extra edge for adding background music.

Why do we use Dynobot?

Though Dynobot has various kind of features, Dynobot is mainly famous for its intuitive dashboard controlled Moderation features. The moderation feature also comes with a moderator log, member timed out, mute, deafen features; which makes anti-spam fully configurable according to the moderator. Also, an auto-moderation feature is there with which a user can go seamlessly without any physical moderator.

Dynobot best discord bot for moderation

The dashboard is also very much configurable according to the user’s preferences. Some of the features can be enabled or disabled by the server owner so that even the moderator has limited control over the server.

The Dynobot’s Music bot is often unheard of, but it comes with playlists, DJ roles and many more features.

The user can also create custom command using Dynobot dashboard; News announcements, announcements for vacant or join-able ranks, AFK status reminder, event reminder are some more function of Dynobot which makes it a one-stop-shop for multiple needs.

Here is the official website for – Dynobot and the link to invite Dynobot to your Discord.

Mee6 bot

Mee6 is probably the most used Discord bot around the world. The reason behind the huge popularity of Mee6 is the “Ease of use”. Also, Mee6 is available in multiple platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Reddit etc. Mee6 can be used for Moderation, Levelling, custom commands etc.

Why use Mee6?

Mee6 dashboard comes with an awesome feature which let the user define custom commands according to their needs and choices. The user can also create automated commands that can add or remove roles and even sent automated messages, automated replies, welcome or thank you messages, even can DM to specific channel too.

You can also create and maintain a leader board on your server. Where all other members can compete with each other to become the most active member of your community and also can earn some cool reward card which they can show off around the server.

Mee6 youtube bot

You can also create custom commands which let the server automatically assign role upon joining plus remove role or transfer role to another if that member leaves a community or becomes irregular for a certain period. Even banning and unbanning members can be done automatically so that you do not have to do anything manually.

Mee6 also has a notification feature which can be customized to notify you and your members when any of your favourite YouTube or Twitch streamer goes live or if any new video is posted on YouTube by your favourites or a new written post or articles is posted in Subreddit.

Mee6 also can be used to protect your Discord server and channels unwanted adds, spamming, use of excessive emojis or symbol and also all these moderation is very easy to control. You can also select penalties like time out, ban etc. for a specific type of offences like offensive words, foul languages etc. and then let the system loose to work up on its own.

Here is the official website for – Mee6 and Click here to add Mee6 to your Discord


Birb was designed back at 2016 to be the most complete Discord Bot ever as it has the most amount of functions and features wrapped with it. Birb receives regular updates and maintenance, which ensures a lag-free experience. Birb has a very big user base a self-made huge community for itself already. With over 150K users and 10K server, Birb bot is one of the most trusted bot service available.

Why use Birb?

Though Birb receives frequent updates, you won’t find Birb offline, not even for a single day. Birb features at auto message system for members joining and leaving with mentions. Birb is one of the fewest Discord bots which is multilingual. Also, there are many commands to entertain your members with funny ways like b!dog command posts random dog and b!cat post random cat automatically.

birb discord bot

Using Birb you can search for any Steam user profile just with a simple command; keeping an eye on Minecraft any many other games achievements and even checking for any authentic Minecraft profile also can be done with Birb commands.

Birb also features commands for searching anime information for your anime lover members in the server.

Birb also has some very intuitive add on features and commands available on GitHub repository which can be added to your existing service for a better experience. In short, Birb is single-handedly enough when it comes to entertain your members and keep the fun on. By using Birb you can truly enjoy Discord as a complete social media interaction platform.

Here is the link for the official website of – Birb and Click here to invite Birb to your Discord.

Donate bot receives a donation on Discord servers on behalf you through the secure gateway of PayPal, where you do not need to pay any media charge or service to the bot provider at all. That means secure Donation transfers for free of cost.

Why do we Use Donate Bot?

Unlike any other commercial gateway service, this one is free. Over $100,000 donation amount has already been handled by this bot around the users, so you can consider this bot service as an experienced one. Not all kind gateway is used, mainly PayPal accounts and transfers are permitted, and we all know PayPal is one of the most secure gateway services for an online transaction around the world. No coding skill is required works with the simple command and also works flawlessly from the dashboard.

Here is the link for the official website of – Donate Bot and link to know how to get Donate bot on your Discord server.

Cafe Discord bot

Cafe features many Discord based games along with Live scoreboard and leader board, which you can play along with your friends and other members in your server. There are tons of games on the list and many games are getting added every week. Along with Cafe bot, even your member can have some fun while they are playing the games in multiplayer modes. The cafe is a good pass-time, a good way to entertain your members and a good way to interact with new people.

Cafe bot features many Discord based games

Why use Cafe?

Cafe bot stays alive and kicking even when you are away from your system or away from your server. You can use Cafe bot from your mobile also, and there is no need to keep your device on for hours, so you can go ahead with your other works and your members in the server keep continue enjoying the progress of their game and lead boards as well.

The games will not be boring any of the players as they also come up with unlockable upgrades, various achievements and many rewards also which they show off across the server. Even the players go for some team games where they can create teams and can play against other teams and they can also be able to use voice chat while gaming using your server.

Cafe bot also features some advanced option for the seasoned user, with the advanced features on the user get control over all the aspects and commands, here the user can invite a code console and comprehensive log which will give the user control over all the groups across the server to maintain the server as the user wish it to be.

Here is the link for the official website of – Cafe Bot plus a link to install Cafe bot on Discord.


There are also a couple of bots available popularly called Rythm Bot and FredBoat bot for listening to music over the Discord server with the help of simple commands. You can also add them for simple entertainment for you and your members. There is also one more bot service called Trivia Bot, which is just like the Cafe bot and is becoming very popular nowadays because of its awesome game collection.


Wrapping Up

As the bots are there in Discord to help you with all the Management, Entertainment, Moderation, Auto Messaging related tasks, choose the bots according to the services which you need. As adding loads of bots may give your server tons of utility features and make the server look good but it also makes the server choppy, especially when multiple members stating use different bots separately at the same time. Especially if you are using the free Discord service you have a limited bandwidth to go with, so choose the bots according to your needs and do not use multiple bots for any specific tasks.

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