Toreto TOR-514 Remix 2 Review- Charger with speaker

Have you ever thought to enjoy music wirelessly from a charger that charges your phone? No, then go through this Toreto Tor- 514 Remix 2 review.

Toreto is an Indian brand deals in mobile accessories and gadgets. They have a wide range of products and one of them is Remix 2, an innovative product. The Remix series also includes Remix and Remix Duo.

Toreto Tor- 514 Remix 2 Specifications:

  • Speaker Battery: 400 mAh
  • Bluetooth Version: V5.0
  • Bluetooth Range : <10m
  • Input: 12-24V
  • Output: 2.4A
  • Speakers Power: 3W
  • 2 USB Output (Tor-513, Tor-514) & Single USB (Tor-515)
  • BIS certified
  • Stereo Sound (In TWS Mode)
  • TWS – Connect 2 speakers together
  • Multi-Circuit Protection
  • Dual USB output with 2.4A


At first glance, nobody can tell that Remix 2 is more than just a charger. Front side has 2 USB port for charging two smartphones or devices simultaneously with an output of 2.4A.

Just below that, a Toreto logo followed by a big rubberized button with an in-built LED indicator that shows the usage of Bluetooth and charger. On the other or rear side, a European style plug has been given by the company which is common for Indian electric sockets, thus no need of any extra connector.

As we know this is 2 in 1 fast charger and Bluetooth speaker, so the speaker is situated at the bottom of the charger, to produce snag-free sound.

Overall, the body material is solid enough to bear day to day mishaps without getting damaged.

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Well, in terms of charging it is like any native fast charger come along with the devices, yes don’t the expect any proprietary functions, for example, OPPO and OnePlus official chargers meant for their own compatible smartphones. Nevertheless, one can use Toreto TOR-514 Remix 2 even to charger any smartphone or devices at a fast pace.

Coming to the USP of the Remix 2 that is its Bluetooth speaker of 3W max. output with stereo sound effects.

It has v5 Bluetooth with a range of 10m and compatible with almost any device to play music. We used it with both laptop and smartphone while charging our devices, it worked absolutely flawless. Yes, indeed the audio quality is not at par, I mean don’t expect bass and all but enough loud and clear stereo sound to fill the room and to enjoy the music.

The best thing it has an inbuilt battery of 400mAh thus even when you haven’t plugged in the Toreto TOR-514 in the electric socket for charging you can enjoy the music. For example, if the outage is there or while you are travelling or sitting on the terrace to get zoned out for a moment, this charger cum portable speaker can continuously play music or audio from your smartphone.

We got around 3 hours of backup at 70 per cent of volume. The price of Toreto TOR-514 Remix 2 on Amazon is ₹ 999/-.


Toreto TOR-514 Remix 2 is a value for money product with a good quality speaker and an epitome of innovation. Being a Charger + Speaker with an inbuilt battery it saves a lot of space. We recommend, one should buy this budget product, if he or she wants is not happy with its default laptop or smartphone speaker and wants a loud one with charging facility.