Mars may have an underground life and Oxygen

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Climate warming, pollution, population explosions, water shortages… Scientists often warn that the earth’s living environment is getting worse and worse and that it will look ahead early. When the moon colonization is almost impossible, the Earth’s neighbor, Mars, will become the biggest hope. Where.

Now, the bridge between Mars and life has been further opened.

In an article published in Nature Geoscience on Monday, the NASA Jet Dynamics Laboratory said that Mars may have an underground life.

The team observed a large number of oxidized rocks found on the Mars in the Curiosity Mars in 2016 and further studied the underground saltwater lakes. These findings give scientists reason to believe that life can be maintained underground in Mars, such as the simplest sponge.

Although the atmosphere of Mars is deficient in oxygen (about 0.14%), the content of underground salt water is sufficient for microorganisms to perform aerobic respiration. Scientists have found that oxygen becomes more soluble in waters with lower temperatures and higher salinity.

Mars may have an underground life and Oxygen

Source: Nature Geoscience & Newsdriver

Darshim Saxena
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